Gambling with the Casino Giants

Gambling with the Casino Giants

The world’s leading gambling resorts process billions in revenue each year. Macau is by some way the largest, having surpassed Las Vegas, and in 2010 was already worth some $23.5 billion. By way of comparison, Vegas took just shy of $9 billion in the same year, while the US market, as a whole, is worth in excess of $53 billion. While much of this revenue is accounted for by small time gamblers and occasional punters, a growing and substantial percentage comes from high-rollers – those with the resources to bet big.

High-rollers have always been attracted to the major casino resorts, primarily because this is where the most money is to be won. Small, provincial casinos typically can’t handle the size and volume of bets the world’s biggest high-rollers can place, and as a result, these players typically travel to Macau or Vegas in order to chase bigger fortunes.

The advent of online gambling came along and shook up this norm. While the gamblers of decades past have felt the irresistible pull of these large gambling resorts, it’s now more possible than ever to place bets from your home. With mobile gambling, you can even go one step better, placing bets from your phone or tablet on the go. This has been popular with gamblers right across the resources spectrum.


Have The Giants Moved Online?

The world is now a very different place than it was pre-Internet. Whereas in days gone by, gamblers would have no choice but to take a trip to gambling destinations, those shackles have been largely removed by remote gambling. An increasing number of high-rollers and whales now choose to gamble online, circumventing the need to even leave home to wager and win big.

This is a good thing for the online gambling industry, driving up revenues and converting previously offline players into potentially very profitable online gamblers. Big names like Party Casino and SlotoCash have had significant success in pulling high rollers into their casino, and as a result, ordinary gamblers can easily find themselves digitally side by side with some of the biggest gamblers in the world.

For now, the resorts remain a popular attraction for gamblers of all levels, and the novelty element of gambling in Vegas or Macau will at least remain a significant pull factor for physical gambling resorts. But with players now forgoing travel and the time consuming process of actually visiting physical casinos to place their bets, this looks like the future for those with money to burn.


What Will This Mean For Resorts?

While the threat from online gambling is very real for physical resorts in Vegas and beyond, it’s unlikely that they will see business drying up in the near future. It’s a different experience when you’re gambling online, and as much as they try, it’s impossible to recreate the feeling of being in a real, land-based casino resort when you’re playing for real money.

But the threat comes from those gamblers who have the resources to bet big, and are not particularly wedded to the idea of gambling in a public environment, or who simply want to place bets without the hassles of travelling. These are the players that are turning their focus increasingly to the convenience of online gambling.

Not every online casino has the funds to attract high-rollers, and as a result, those high-rollers tend to choose to play with the big guns of the industry. In so doing, they are helping to shore up revenues for some of the biggest online casinos in the world, whilst depriving physical resorts of some of their historic player base. While it’s certain that this will not prove fatal to the resorts, the clear trend in recent years has been towards players who value the discretion and convenience of the online experience more – particularly the case for those who like to bet bigger than the average punter.

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