You already know that increased productivity is good for your business’ bottom line, and you’ve probably read countless pieces about how top companies work to boost it. What works for one organization may not be the best fit for another, however, which means sometimes you have to think outside of the box These four creative solutions have been shown to improve engagement, encourage creative thinking and support productivity goals, all while making the workplace a more enjoyable place for your employees.


1. Rethink Traditional Office Spaces

Office spaces have gone through a natural evolution. In many ways, it mirrors the same design trends seen in homes. Hallways lined with closed-off offices gave way to open workspaces designed to encourage collaborative processes. These open workspaces have begun to fall out of favor as more and more businesses realize they don’t meet the needs of a large portion of workers. If you find yourself with a lot of open spaces, try breaking them up into smaller group areas. Used office cubicles can make this an attractive and affordable solution. Be sure to carve out a few separate areas for private meetings or quiet planning.


2. Bring Nature Indoors

Spending time in nature allows people to relax and reduce anxiety levels. This, in turn, leads to better focus and attention, which is why looking at nature is directly linked to increased productivity. Why not take advantage of that within your office spaces? Bring nature indoors with a vibrant atrium area, a living wall, or even realistic nature prints on the walls.


3. Use Colors to Your Advantage

Color psychology looks at how colors affect emotions and behavior. it indicates that certain colors can have a direct physiological effect on the human body. Using information from the field to choose colors for your office space can help create certain moods within the spaces. For example, red has been linked to increased energy and movement while blues lend themselves to calmness and tranquility.


4. Encourage Flexible Schedules

Flexible schedules and work locations are among the leading benefits for today’s workers. Flexibility allows them to balance the demands of both career aspirations and personal obligations without becoming overwhelmed. Workers who are under less stress will likely be more productive. If your business operations allow, consider allowing flex time or fluid scheduling to boost employee morale.

There are plenty of ways to improve productivity in the workplace. Consider design elements like collaborate workspaces and colors, as well as bringing elements of nature indoors. Encouraging flexibility in scheduling and time off also boosts morale and helps employees maintain their physical and emotional health.