Now that the weather is heating up with springtime bliss, it’s time to gear up for some outside entertainment. Finding a hobby that includes time outdoors boosts your mood and fitness level. While you want to be careful being out in the heat too much, especially in places like the desert, you still want to find something that allows you to experience a bit of fresh air every now and then. Golfing is one venture that has shown to be beneficial to your body and mind. Take a look at five of the reasons you should consider taking in a round of golf.


1. Encourages Bonding Time

You probably know that golf is played in groups. When you participate in a game with others, you’re building friendships and bonds. It is a perfect way to connect with others. If you don’t have people to go with, check in with the club management and see if they can set you up with a group.


2. Builds Brain Cells

Puzzles and games have been proven to help strengthen the brain. Physical activity also does the same, helping to ward off brain diseases such as dementia. When playing golf, you have to continuously have to strategize and then act. This helps build the brain – doubly.


3. Helps You Sleep Better

Being active is one key to helping you sleep at night. On average those who play golf report falling asleep quicker and staying asleep longer than others who do not play. The combination of physical and mental activity helps to get the body into a regular and healthy sleep pattern.


4. Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Two big complaints people have these days revolve around stress and anxiety. Stress is usually brought on by situations around you while anxiety typically stems from the brain. However, one of the ways to help ease both conditions is exercise and activity. Golf encompasses both and therefore can assist with reducing anxiety and stress.


5.  Exercises Your Heart

You may not believe that the men and women you see on the links are getting any kind of physical fitness out of the sport, but you’re wrong. During even a friendly game of golf, the heart rate elevates at various times, thus causing your body to burn fat. Since the nature of the game is activity in between rest, it emulates an interval training workout which further strengthens your heart.

Getting out this spring and summer should be a priority. Golf’s many benefits should be reason enough to give it a shot.