It can be hard to keep up with the different types of lawyers, especially if you’re not too familiar with the law. Trying to figure out what a probate attorney does can be difficult.  

So, what do they do? 

The dictionary defines probate as being a court-supervised process of authenticating the last will of a deceased person. 

In easier terms, whenever there is a death, a will that needs to be drafted, or estate needs to be sorted out, you need to contact a probate attorney in Houston 

Even though these things seem to be straightforward, they are often much trickier when you start diving into them. Below, we’re going to look over some of the main reasons why you may need to call a probate attorney. 


Reduce Family Conflict

A death in the family can be a tragic and sad event, no matter when it happens. Even though this should often be a time that families come together, there are often conflicts about who is owed what after a death. 

Trying to resolve these issues within the family alone is almost as hard as navigating through Houston traffic, maybe even more so.  

Having a probate lawyer come in can help resolve that conflict in a professional, calm manner that may not be available in other situations. 


A Will Needs to Be Drafted

Many people are often tempted to make their own wills. How hard can it be? You get this, she gets that, and he gets a little bit of that. 

However, it’s best that you have your last testament drafted by a probate lawyer in Houston.  

Through this way, you’ll rest assured knowing that everything is as it should be and there are no discrepancies among your words. You also don’t want your own DIY will to be made invalid by a court of law. 


Formulating Contracts 

Similar to resolving conflicts, a lawyer can help draw up contracts and deeds between family members in order to better regular inheritance.  

If a deceased person is leaving their family business behind to siblings, the lawyer can help draw up a contract in the case that one sibling wants to keep the business but the other one wants to be bought out.  

Being a neutral party, it’s the easiest way to take care of everything. 


Court Proceedings

While many lawyers do their best to make sure clients stay out of the courtroom, it doesn’t always happen. Court can be a messy process that takes time and can often be confusing. 

If someone is challenging the will or suing another party, then you’re definitely going to want to make sure that you have a lawyer with you in this case. 

The lawyer can represent your case and help you navigate the legal spiderwebs that will surely be up ahead. 


Makes the Process Easier

If you’re one of those lucky families that has everything go as smoothly as possible, the process can still be confusing.

Plus, people of your family are likely grieving and dealing with the recent loss. 


It can be a lot overtime.

So despite of trying to figure everything out yourself or making it a joint effort with the family, it’s in everyone’s best interest to hire a lawyer and make sure it goes smoothly. They’ll be able to navigate through the legal language and get everybody the results they’re looking for.