Heading out on a business trip perhaps to meet new clients or to talk to suppliers?

Maybe you are heading overseas and taking your car across to the continent on a cross-channel ferry?

What are the car services you need to have completed to ensure you don’t run into problems down the road?


Check Your Oil

If, for example, you are riding a party bus in Corpus Christi, you don’t want to have your vehicle leaves you in the middle of the road because of the lack of oil!

Never assume that your car as enough oil in it, because the oil warning light on your dashboard has not come on. This will only tend to happen in extreme circumstances. On longer than usual trips, your oil will come under more and more pressure as the car heats up.

Therefore, use your dipstick to confirm the level of oil. Remember that you only get an accurate reading when the engine has been off for a while and has cooled. While you are at it, top up your water reservoir to avoid running out during your commercial travels.


Deal With Squeaky Brakes

A brake that squeals when you apply it may not sound like much but it could indicate more serious issue. Brake pads wear down progressively so you don’t tend to notice how spongy they have become until you have them exchanged for new ones. If you don’t know how to exchange brake pads yourself, then head to a mechanic who does.

It is a quick and easy job but it could mean avoiding an incident on the road if you have them replaced.


Have Your Wheel Alignment Sorted

One of the big problems people face when they are doing lots of motorway miles is connected to their wheel alignment. Firstly, improperly aligned wheels pull against one another. That means you need to hold your steering wheel firmly to avoid drifting. On a long journey, you could easily switch lanes without fully realising it which is obviously dangerous.

Furthermore, wheels that are not perfectly parallel cause undue wear on your tyres since they pull away from one another. This could end up in a loss of tread and, consequently, control of your car.


Get a Professional Service Carried Out

There is no substitute for a professional service. Helpfully, car servicing experts at DAT Tyres can help you take care of your vehicle in all aspects. Not only will this mean you keep
moving but all of the safety systems will work in the event of an emergency. This includes your hazard warning lights, of course, but also your car’s airbags as well as its seatbelts. Of course, all of the important engine checks will be made, including looking at your spark plugs, the car battery and your transmission system.

The last thing you want is to be dealing with these sorts of things when you are supposed to be doing business.


Check Your Spare

Lastly, never forget about your car’s spare wheel. You may not have looked at it for a long time but when embarking on a business trip, it will be worth confirming that it has enough tread and that it is sufficiently inflated to get you out of trouble, if needed.