Shopping for high-quality casters will take more than just a trip to the hardware store. If you’re serious about investing in a good, reputable product, here are just five tips for making the right purchase decisions.


1. Material

Casters come in a wide variety of materials. Which will best suit your needs? Stainless steel casters are known for their durability, but they aren’t as cheap as plastic or vinyl casters. On the flip side, if you need something heavy-duty, plastic isn’t going to get the job done.


2. Size

Pay close attention to the size of your chosen casters. If you choose something that doesn’t properly fit your desk, bench or machine, you’ll need to send them right back to the manufacturer. You can’t take risks with poor sizing when it’s a load-bearing instrument.


3. Swivel

Some casters can swivel in every direction for maximum maneuverability. Others are only meant to be pushed and pulled in straight, rigid lines. The former is great for office work; the latter can be essential for workplace safety. You’ll need to decide for yourself how much flexibility that you need in your wheels.


4. Resistance

This is especially important if you’re buying casters for a factory or warehouse. You don’t want them to rust, stain, clog or corrode after coming into contact with the different materials of your workplace. Look for something that can withstand greases and solvents.


5. Price

You’ll want a good deal, of course, but you’ll also want a safe and reliable product, and that might mean paying a little more for your casters. You should consider it an investment in the future rather than a one-time expense. Go ahead and splurge on casters that will last a long time rather than buying cheap casters that will break down after a few months.

These are just five things to consider as you shop for your next set of wheels. Don’t rush your decision! Take your time, explore your options and choose the casters that you think will get the job done. Happy shopping!