Learning the art of computer programming isn’t an easy task, considering that it is a wide and complex subject. Different people want to do programming for different reasons, the main one being the growing demand for computer programmers, software and web developers, and careers which are paying really well. Others just want to do it out of passion.

Whatever your motivation is, here are 5 tips to computer programming that will help you a great deal:


  1.    Choose A Programming Language To Learn

There are different programming languages available such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Swift, Go, and Rust. Your main goal of wanting to do computer programming will be a determining factor in deciding which language you’re going to use. It is important, however, to note that most of these programming languages are quite similar and have the same concepts.


  1.    Master The Basics Of Programming First

As simple as programming basics may appear to be, handling them with seriousness will make your programming journey easier. Rushing through without giving these basic principles of web development the level of attention needed to master them will result in future problems when handling more advanced stuff like back-end programming. Lay a good foundation of programming by mastering the basics first.


  1.    Don’t Just Read Codes, Practice By Coding

It’s almost impossible to learn programming if you only read about it and not practically work out the concepts you’ve just read. You can read through a topic such as For Loop but if you don’t take the action to practice the code after reading it, it will be hard to remember the syntax while implementing it in an actual project.

Sample code works in a much similar way. It is loaded with instructions and comments and is easy to read, but to properly master the concepts, it will be essential that you practice the code as you read along.


  1.    Learn To Code By Hand To Perfect Your Skill

Technology and software has advanced gradually over time but even so, coding by hand stands out as the most effective way to learn and master programming, reason for this being that it requires you to have a high level of concentration, accuracy, and caution since you cannot review your work to see whether it is correct when you’re halfway through it.

While this approach may make you work at a slower speed at first, it will shape you into becoming a more excellent developer and give you a strong competitive edge when you go for a technical interview since the global standard test for checking a programmer’s expertise is through coding by hand.


  1.    Get Help When You’re Stuck

Asking for help while learning programming isn’t a sign of inability to program or a failure at it. On the contrary, even the most seasoned programmers alive today have needed someone to help them at one point in their programming career.

Get help from other established developers and mentors. It’s also helpful to know that there are so many resources that are available online such as blog posts or YouTube video tutorials that can help you a great deal to learn and master computer programming.



Computer programming requires a lot of hard work and patience but it pays off at the end. If you have an interest in learning the ropes, then check out Simple Programmer’s guide to getting started with python.