Just under a year ago Apple exceeded $ 700 billion as the value of market capitalization.

Since then the stock has suffered a gradual decline to less than 400 billion shares.

Just last January, Exxon Mobil had once again exceeded the Cupertino giant becoming the company with the highest market capitalization in absolute value until August 02th.

Apple snatches back market-cap crown as Exxon drops

Apple snatches back market-cap crown as Exxon drops

The latest rumors about Apple’s new products have meant that the situation flip over again, probably a more realistic iPhone 5C, which should trigger the smartphone market the company teases the imagination of investors.

As reported by Electronista, on August 2th the Cupertino company has reached a value of almost 415 billion dollars to market capitalization, with $ 456.80 for each share.

With these results, Apple has again surpassed Exxon Mobil regaining the title company with the highest market value in the world title away from Cupertino since January.

Last month, the value of individual stocks increased by about $ 50, but to get to the record of 2013 is expected to increase even more than $ 100. They are distant results of 2012 in which the single action was over $ 700.

Investors are waiting with particular anxiety the arrival of autumn, a time when Apple is expected to present many different devices, starting from the iPhone to get the new MacBook Pro with Haswell architecture.

The Cupertino company is not officially announced a new device now since last October 2012, with iPad mini.


Patent War, Obama ‘saves’ Apple

It’s just a news of August 03th, when President Obama decided to “save” Apple, with the decision of the U.S. government.

A veto on the decision of the U.S. International Trade Commission that found the violation of certain patents of Samsung, blocking the sale of some older models of the iPhone and the tablet.

It ‘s the first time since 1987 that a U.S. President did not take a decision of this type.

Apple thanked the Obama administration for “defending innovation.”

According to Cupertino, the ban was wrong because Samsung had included in patents also “elements that are standard in the world for mobile devices.”

“The commission – we read in the order overturned on August 03th by Obama – has determined that Samsung has managed to prove that the iPhone 4 (models AT & T), iPhone 3GS (models AT & T), iPhone 3 (models At & t) the iPad 3G (AT & T models) and the iPad 2 3G (AT & T models) Oe348 break the patent. ”

This is yet another step in a long conflict increasingly heated between the two rival companies that vie for years the smartphone market.

Sector, which this year will reach another milestone: for the first time in fact superintelligent mobile phones will overtake classic, winning 52.2% of the market with 958.8 million units sold, 32.7% more than in 2012.

Apple and Samsung together accounted for over 50% of smartphones sold in the world, with Samsung leading global market and Apple queen in the United States.