Security has been and will continue to be the most valid concern for individuals. For thousands of years, armed guards have stood in the way of threats to the possessions they serve. Pharaohs, emperors, and conquerors all around the world have been employing personal guards to secure their lives, along with their families and other possessions. 

Slowly, with the advancement in the industrial revolution, the field of operations for armed guards expanded beyond the royals. Private firms and corporates started hiring armed guards to secure their assets. Their role included guarding railroads, cargos, banks, and financial institutions. 

Presently, armed forces and guards stand duty-bound at almost every front, be it commercial or national. 


What Affects The Employment For Armed Guards?

Usually, armed guards from a professional agency would be skilled and trained to handle every situation including assaults, thefts, and arsenal attacks. However, deciding whether to hire armed guards or not isn’t that easy. In most of the cases, as the experts from explain, an armed guard is hired where there are real-life scenarios that require intuitive solutions. For example, during an assault, a surveillance camera or an automatic lockdown mechanism would not be of much help. In such cases, manual intellect is needed to curb the situation and tackle the threat. 

On this note, it is viable to take a tour of some common industries that employ armed guards. 


Retail Stores

Retail outlets and chains are one of the key sectors that require manual security. The increasing cases of shoplifting and penny thefts have been an alarming concern for retailers for a long time. Placing armed guards in and around the store not only ensures the safety of the inventory but also minimizes the chances of chaos and vandalism. 


Medium & Large Industries

Factories and manufacturing facilities, in particular, need to safeguard their raw materials and produce at all times. Miscreants are on the lookout for any opportunity they can find to steal away and sell the goods in black markets. Besides, companies with a huge workforce often need to control the traffic in an out of the premises to ensure safety for all. This is no task for any robot or electronic gadget. In fact, an armed security guard gives an impression of authority over any disturbing elements in particular. 


Financial Institutions

Most of all, companies that deal in hard cash such as banks and financial institutions need armed security more than any other. The people working with such companies are under constant threat of vandalism and chaos. Besides, the need to transport money from one location to another poses the next level threat. Having an armed security guard to escort the packages can mitigate the risk of such accidents.  


Hotels & Hospitality Companies

The hospitality industry is another sector where the constant threat to the lives and belongings of guests require armed security forces in place. Tourists and work travelers often carry around valuables such as cash, jewelry, passport, and many others, that need to be protected, especially while the guests are staying at a hotel. 


Educational Establishment

Schools and colleges are also looking forward to employing private armed guards on the premises. The columbine high school massacre was the game-changer, after which schools and colleges started putting up tighter securities for the safety of students. 


Community Residencies

Another frequent employer for armed guards is the housing and community residencies. Of course, the safety of the residents in any particular locality is the supreme concern of society. Both, government agencies and private communities hire armed security guards to take care of the residential areas. 



Museums contain the most precious items for both financial, as well as educational, value. For example, historical paintings like the Monalisa are worth millions, as well as a great piece of art that needs to be preserved. Miscreants are always on the lookout for such precious and antique items that they could sell in black markets. Therefore, armed security forces become essential for such establishments. 


Events & Parties

Music events and community parties are common grounds for acts of vandalism and hooliganism. Security guards on patrol through the event venue can help mitigate any such issue before it escalates. Thus, saving the party from spoilers. 


If you believe that your business, concerns any of the aforementioned industries, then hiring armed security guards should be a part of your business. However, this list is not exclusive. There can be, and surely are, other business sectors that may need to hire security personnel. All in all, it depends on the value of the assets and liabilities to be guarded.