Most people know how dangerous asbestos is to a person’s respiratory health. The question is, when is an asbestos inspection needed? It can be difficult to know if this dangerous material is in a home or building, but putting off a call to the professionals can put anyone using the structure at risk. 

While this is true, there are some specific signs a person can look for that will let them know it is time to call for an asbestos inspection. Keep reading to learn what those signs are. 


1. Health Concerns

According to professionals like, breathing in asbestos is dangerous. It’s a good idea to invest in an asbestos inspection before accidentally disturbing the building materials that may contain this dangerous material. 


2. Renovating and Remodeling

Through the years, asbestos has been used in an array of building materials, including caulk, mastics, pipe insulation, ceiling tiles, ceiling textures, drywall joint compound, and flooring materials. If someone plans to do something in their home or building besides painting, they could disturb a material that contains asbestos. 

A project may be simple, such as the installation of recessed lighting, but it can still release asbestos fibers if the drywall or the joint compound used with the drywall contain asbestos. Be proactive and invest in an inspection for asbestos before a renovation or remodeling project begins. 


3. Demolition

Entire or partial structure demolition has the possibility of releasing asbestos fibers by disturbing the materials that contain asbestos, but the project can also create hazardous waste. If asbestos-containing materials aren’t handled properly during demolition, they can contaminate the entire site. If the asbestos isn’t disposed of properly, it may contaminate the entire dumpsite. 

No one wants to be responsible for having to clean up a hazardous waste site, which is what will happen if asbestos is disposed of improperly. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by scheduling an asbestos inspection before any demolition project. 


4. Real Estate Transaction

When someone is ready to purchase an investment property or a house, they need to make sure there are no asbestos-containing materials present. This will ensure that these materials are not disturbed during demolition, renovation, or remodeling. 

An inspection will ensure a person isn’t stuck with an unforeseen asbestos abatement after the property sale is closed. Instead, invest in an asbestos inspection before closing to find and get rid of any materials that may have this substance in it. This is going to allow a buyer to factor the abatement costs into the purchase price. 


5. To Be Informed

Even if a person isn’t planning any demolition, renovation, or remodeling activities, it’s still a good idea to invest in asbestos inspection to identify any hazardous materials that may be present in a home or building. This will let a person create a management plan for how to deal with materials that contain asbestos. 

When it comes to asbestos, it’s not a good idea to take chances. Scheduling an inspection is the best way to know if there is a problem and if steps need to be taken to remediate the problem. Being informed an knowing when to call for this service will help to keep any business or homeowner safe, and they can have confidence that the home or building they are spending time in is asbestos-free.