In addition to the known benefits for the environment, what are the advantages that businesses could have by choosing to install a system of photovoltaic panels?

Installing photovoltaic panels represents for a company the best solution in terms of savings, especially if considered in the long run. In fact, many businesses decide to entrust the energy production of their activity to renewable sources and investing in this field can really determine a competitive advantage compared to companies that use energy in the traditional way.

Before going into detail and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of a commercial solar panel installation for a company, it is good to remember that installing a plant generally involves an important initial cost, which must, however, be seen as an investment in the future. An investment able to lower the costs on the energy bill and to reduce the energy costs of the building.


What Are the Benefits of Solar Power for Businesses?

First of all, among the advantages that a company can achieve thanks to solar power, we find a decrease in the costs of the electricity bill. The photovoltaic panels, in fact, have the ability to produce electricity that can be used immediately by the plant. This self-production process costs less than buying energy because it is not expected to use the common energy network and as a result, the costs in the bill are more downs.

Going into detail, other advantages are:

Low maintenance – not having moving electronic elements, a photovoltaic system has less chance of breaking;
Take advantage of the incentives provided by the country government for the installation;
Production of clean, eco-sustainable energy;
Ability to make the most of unused business areas, such as a warehouse or a land.


What Are the Disadvantages?

As already mentioned, the biggest obstacle for companies that want to install a photovoltaic system is the initial cost. To amortize, it can take many years, but then the advantages will be able to repay this investment.

Among the most important disadvantages for a company we find:

• Possible service instability when the weather conditions are unfavorable;
• Particular attention in the installation, because the panels must make the most of the capture of sunlight, so sometimes the installation is not recommended for poor efficiency.


How to Best Install the Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic panels can be installed on a sloped roof, on a flat roof or on a ground. To work better and guarantee savings for the company, the panels must be assembled according to certain rules.

The following are the technical criteria that must be met during assembly, as suggested by the best solar company:

• The panels must be exposed to the south;
• The inclination of the panels must be between 0 ° and 45 °, the optimum is represented by an inclination at 30 °. If the panels are mounted on flat ground, they will need adequately inclined 30 ° structures;
• Tilt and exposure must be the same;
• The space for the installation must be at least 8 square meters on a sloped roof and 24 square meters on a flat surface;
• The space in which a photovoltaic panel is installed must be free of shading (trees, buildings, etc.).

In conclusion, using photovoltaic panels for the production of alternative energy is the best way to save money, to do well to the environment and grow within a market that looks at renewable sources with great interest.