Gambling may well be a game of luck and chance, whether you’re betting at casinos, placing a wager on a football match or watching the horse racing and hoping for a winner.  

But some activities in this lucrative game are better suited to making money than others. These are the top money makers in gambling that you should consider if you want to make it big 


Value Betting  

Value bettors are experts at a specific sport or activity, so they’ve done their research and they know all there is to know about that specific sport or event. They may even know more than the bookies in some cases. Value betting is focused around taking the information and analysing it to create your own odds, rather than relying on the odds that bookmakers provide. If the odds that the bettor comes up with are considerably different to those that the bookies have come up with, they bet the difference.  

Value betting is a big earner for gamblers that are good at it and it’s also one of the purest forms of gambling there is, as there aren’t any tricks or loopholes to winning – it’s all based on expertise. It’s worth noting, however, that this form of betting takes time, patience and a lot of research – you won’t win big overnight with this method.  


Arbitrage Betting  

Arbitrage betting involves finding the difference between the odds at different bookmakers and betting on all possible outcomes to generate a profit. This is a popular technique in sports betting, where much of the money is to be made with this style of bet. For example, if there’s a tennis match and one bookmaker has odds on a player to win while another has odds for the other competitor to win, a bettor can place a bet with both bookmakers in order to earn a profit regardless of the outcome.  



Skill-based games like poker can earn big money and poker is one of the most popular games for this style of gambling. Many professional gamblers are poker players for this reason, but it can be one of the more challenging ways of winning in betting. The key to earning money through poker is by being better than your competition, which is something that takes a lot of skill and practice. The better your opponent is, the smaller the profit will be for you, so if you’re keen to make money in this game, you have to learn the strategies and skills to make it big.  


Sports Betting  

As previously mentioned, sports betting is a big money earner and with football tips and horse racecards available everywhere, it’s never been easier to place bets. If you know your sport well and are willing to put in the hours researching, you’re more likely to be successful but for sports fans, this aspect of the process can be a lot of fun. Sports betting can be a really profitable activity, especially with free bets for races and cash outs during matches.