The Photography sector in Canada is continuously growing, with about 9,300 businesses across the country. Fast development in digital photographic technology has steadily transformed the Photography sector in Canada since 2014. Both professional canvas printing service in Canada and metal print photo service in Canada are getting fairly popular. A leading photo printing agency, Canvas n Decor, provides both types of photo printing services in Canada. 

Photo printing, be it on metal or canvas, can become a precious heirloom of the family. Choosing the best form of print for your photographs is nearly as essential as deciding how to shoot them. While both are excellent choices of printing forms for digital photos, each of them has its own set of applications. Here are some of the differences between metal prints and canvas prints and when to use which one: 


The difference between canvas prints and metal prints 

Canvas is, without a doubt, one of the best materials for digital photo printing in Canada. It gives off a classic look and surrounds the photo with warmth and sophistication. Canvas prints do not look out of place in most locations. They look just as great in the museum gallery as they would in a typical house. 

One of the most significant caveats of canvas printing in Canada, however, is that it attracts dust. Over time, this dust would accumulate and may deform the prints’ ink. Another drawback of canvas prints is that they react differently with light. When the canvas photos are placed in place with enough light, they will deliver some contrast and vibrancy. On the other hand, when they are hung in an area that does not get enough light, they are likely to retreat, making the photos look somewhat withering in the dark. 

However, metal prints possess no such issues. Metal prints in Canada are long-lasting and extremely durable. They can stand adverse conditions, such as high-temperatures, which makes them perfect to be placed outdoors. Unlike canvas prints, metal prints can be cleaned and maintained easily without damaging the graphics. Moreover, when it comes to lighting, metal prints are not affected by it whatsoever. They are always in-sync with the light. 


When to use canvas prints and metal prints 

There are categories of photography that work well with each type of print. The metal print photo service in Canada, for instance, is most popular with seascapes, landscapes, sunsets, as well as black and white photographs. Moreover, metal prints look best in contemporary or modern design, which is why they are mostly seen in offices and stylish restaurants. 

Canvas prints, on the other hand, are more versatile. They work well with both soft and bold images. Their texture makes the photo look delicate yet artsy. Hence, professional canvas printing service in Canada, such as Canvas n Decor, is a more popular selection for wedding and portraits photography. Moreover, the canvas prints’ color spectrum is much closer to that of conventional picture prints. So they would look best in houses with transitional design. 

While the types of photo printing you choose may not make or break your photos, they can undoubtedly impact the overall delivery of the pictures. Metal prints can last forever and can fit well in a modern setting. Canvas prints, on the other hand, give off a warm feeling and are more suitable for transitional interiors.