How efficient is your company’s current cleaning program?

Maintaining a clean workplace is essential, but it may be the last thing on your mind. Like many business owners, you may not realize how making a few adjustments can help save your company both time and money.

Here are some simple cleaning supply tweaks you can put into place starting today.


1. Buy Cleaning Supplies in Bulk

Offices, retail shops, restaurants, and other businesses have different cleaning demands than a typical residence. Buying janitorial chemicals and tools from a big box store just doesn’t make sense. Instead, it’s more cost-effective to purchase Commercial Cleaning Supplies in bulk from a reputable supplier. A janitorial supplier will ensure your company never runs out of cleaning necessities. Furthermore, they will process your orders on a set schedule and make sure every shipment arrives on time. 


2. Switch to Automatic Dispensers

Do you constantly refill the soap dispensers in the restrooms? It’s time to invest in hands-free soap and hand sanitizer dispensers. These helpful tools dispense a pre-measured dose and prevent waste. Over time, making the switch will save your company money on cleaning supplies. Automatic dispensers are also more hygienic. Encouraging handwashing with soap and water is one of the best ways to keep your staff healthy. However, viruses can still spread on high-touch surfaces. Since there is no touching involved, hands-free dispensers may help reduce the spread of germs. 


3. Choose Sustainable Products

Did you know it actually costs less to use green, sustainable cleaning products? The demand for environmentally-friendly chemicals has helped to drive down the price. Moreover, the cost of sourcing natural cleaning compounds is often less than manufacturing man-made chemicals. Sustainable cleaning products clean and disinfect surfaces as effectively as traditional options. However, green cleaning solutions are less likely to cause skin irritation or respiratory distress. Going green will keep your employees healthy while also boosting your company’s bottom line. 


4. Effectively Train Your Employees

How much time do your employees spend cleaning each day? In the world of business, time is money. Streamlining all cleaning jobs will improve the efficiency of your facility. However, without proper training, your employees may develop bad habits. Teach your staff the different ways they can keep the workplace clean and tidy. Put protocols in place to ensure all workers follow the same procedures and safety rules. Training everyone on the same cleaning processes will help boost productivity, improve employee morale, and create a unified workplace. 


5. Simplify the Supply Closet

Is your janitorial closest packed to the brim with a jumble of cleaning supplies? Having too many options may actually slow down company productivity. It’s better to simplify your supply closet. Use multi-surface, all-purpose chemicals throughout your workplace. This simple change will help reduce overhead costs. Store similar products together, and consider color-coding bottles and tools to prevent cross-contamination. If you operate several facilities, use the same equipment at each location to streamline the buying process. 


A Clean Facility Is a Productive Facility

Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your workplace is a necessary job. However, an inefficient cleaning plan may end up hurting your company in the long run. Efficiency is more than just saving money; it’s also about improving productivity. Tweaking your cleaning supply needs and getting your staff on the same page will ensure your facility remains a safe, healthy, and efficient place to work.