CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control, and it is a digital manufacturing technology used in a wide range of manufacturing applications. Pre-programmed software controls the action of a machine tool, such as a router, mill, or lathe.  

With CNC machining, you can accomplish three-dimensional cutting tasks with a single set of commands. CNC Machining services have different types of advanced machines that allow them to manufacture precision parts with tight tolerance and faster turnaround. Here are some critical things you should know about these service providers. 


Different Types of Machining Processes Offered 

CNC machining is a general term used to describe the making of 3-dimensional complex shapes from a single piece. It includes different types of manufacturing processes like CNC grinding, milling, turning, multi-axis machining, and EDM machining. Let’s understand these processes in detail.  


CNC Milling

It is one of the popular CNC machining processes, which include both cutting and drilling processes. The milling process uses a rotating cylindrical cutting tool similar to drilling. The only difference is the cutting tool has a single axis motion. In CNC milling, the workpiece and the cutter can move along 3-5 axes to process slots, holes, and shapes with tight tolerances.  


CNC Grinding  

The CNC grinding refers to the manufacturing process where a rotating grinding wheel is used for material removal and achieves the desired shape of the workpiece. The CNC machining services use a high-tech type of grinding machine. 

The CNC precision grinding allows you to achieve incredibly detailed surfaces that are not possible with manual or lever systems. This process is used to produce complex shapes on the surface of the material used in the automotive and aircraft parts industries.  


CNC Turning

It is a manufacturing process where bars of material can be held in a chuck to give it a specific shape. The bar is rotated while a turret-like tool works to remove the material and create the desired shape.  

The machine used in CNC turning is also known as subtraction machining, as it involves the removal of material. The starting material used in the CNC turning process is generally round in shape, but there are examples of using a material having shapes of hexagon or square.  


Multi-Axis Machining

It refers to a manufacturing process that involves machining tools that move in 3 or 4 directions. The machining service providers have 3-axis machining, 4-axis machining, and 5-axis machining tools to accomplish the task. The 3-axis machining tool performs milling on two axes, X and Y. 

In 3-axis machining, the workpiece remains still while the tool moves around three axes. The 4-axis machining tools also work like 3-axis machining. The only difference is milling is performed on an additional axis. The 4-axis machining tool operates on X, Y, and Z axes while the rotation is performed only on the X-axis, also known as A-axis. 

CNC machining offers several benefits over traditional manual machining. The machining service providers guarantee a supply of top quality parts that cannot be achieved through conventional methods. Do your research in choosing the right service provider.