Every blogger wants to build a well converting website, without making any mistakes. But, it is not at all mandatory that all the trials give effective results.

Some websites contain too many errors which may distract the users and make them leave your web pages.

Some of the common errors which a blogger or a web designer makes are:

  1. Unpleasant color combination
  2. Too large or too small texts
  3. Slow loading web pages
  4. Too many pop-up windows
  5. Broken links

Every business owner develops the website of his company with the main motive to earn profit by attracting the visitors/customers. In other words, they want build the reputation and credibility of the company. And to do this, it is necessary to enhance the user experience.

A visitor should feel comfortable, when he/she visits your web pages and this happens only when your site is attractive and informative.

So, if you are serious about blogging or building your business, you should know that any time your site is offline, you may lose potential readers, customers or fans.

When you work on your site, there are many things that may go wrong. For this reason, it’s important to make always backups, before starting to work on your blog.

Whether you need to update the design of your site or simply need to refine a layout, here’s a simple, no-nonsense plugin for all those situations when you have to hide the site behind a coming soon page: UnderConstructionPage plugin.

Now, let’s see five among the most common errors which a blogger or a designer makes while building the website.



Unpleasant Color Combinations

The websites with appealing design and decent color combinations are the most enjoyed by users.

Therefore, you should avoid ugly color combinations. Instead, use decent colors, which give soothing effect to the eyes.

For example, a black text with a white background gives a relaxing effect to the eyes. Adding nice and professional graphics will give more colorful appearance to the web pages.


Too Large or Too Small Texts

It is the one of the most common mistakes that the bloggers make: using very small or very large texts on the website.

It is true that, the use of small texts will give you the opportunity to insert a lot of information on the site, but at the same time use it makes too hard for the visitors to see or read the content, especially on the high resolution screen.

On the other hand, there are also a few sites that use too large texts, which makes them unattractive. This is penalizing, especially for the users using low resolution screen like 800×600 pixels.


Slow Loading Web Pages

Every visitor clicks on a website with the hope that it will load quickly, so to be able to see or get the information right away.

Adding heavy graphics or large number of not compressed media makes the loading of the page slower.

Of course, the visitor doesn’t have the patience or the time to wait for the site to get open, leaving after a few seconds.

Therefore, it is one of the greatest problem due to which the businesses lose their online visitors. One of the things you should do is optimize the images before placing it on the website, so that it loads much faster.


Too Many Pop-Up Windows

The occurrence of too many pop-up windows on the site irritates and frustrates the users. This makes them  close these windows frustratingly, often, leaving the website right after.

Many pop-up windows infect your website and give it a low quality appearance.

As a good blogger/designer, you must think that you are creating the site for the user, looking for his comfortability.


Broken Links

External or internal links that don’t open correctly gives a very bad experience to the user. As these links enable the users to simply go to the new page without losing the previous page.

Therefore, be sure to always check the links you add in your content. For WordPress users, this plugin does the trick.