During the last years, content marketing has become the way to go in order to increase your business audience.

The idea is to communicate with your users and inspire trust and confidence, by focusing not to sell your product or service, but instead on delivering real and useful information.

Let’s see the main points to consider while doing content marketing.


Relevant, Interesting, Original

As it has been mentioned, doing content marketing means creating interesting and relevant content for your target audience, shared primarily through your owned media.

The more content will be perceived as original and engaging, the greater will be your success.

The driver of content marketing is therefore the quality content.

Content is king, as he wrote wisely Bill Gates, and then the queen should be without any doubt the link, both in terms of reference sources, whether shared by users,  as well as influencers who are themselves promoters and marketers of the contents and their favorite products.

In addition to sharing, consumers produce UGC (User-Generated Content)¬†material, which is certainly valuable for the company and that’s an additional source of interaction and conversation about the brand.


Benefits for Your Business

But beyond of engagement, which are the positive effects on your business produced by the use of branded content?

There are obvious benefits in terms of :

– lead generation : a research conducted in the United States shows that the generation of leads is considered by industry professionals as the primary goal of content marketing;

– business growth : in the Coca Cola Content 2020 (see the video below), the Coca- Cola Company aims to ” double the size of their business” through the innovative approach;

– loyalty : in addition to the acquisition of new customers, the content marketing helps to improve the brand loyalty within your audience, then to establish a more solid bond with your customers.


Content Marketing is Good for Your Business

It is clear that content marketing, unlike traditional advertising, is not perceived by the customer as annoying, but as a service to take advantage from and as a source of entertainment.

Between brand and customer, it is created a common and fertile ground, as a moment of encounter and exchange in which both parties receive benefits : on one hand, the brand will get attention of consumers in terms of qualified target and real interest in the goods and services proposed – resulting in lead generation and brand loyalty -, while in the other part, the target audience will be supported by quality information, relevant and original topics of real interest.

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So stop talking about your brand or product and start giving useful information : that’s what your audience wants to hear!

What about you and your business?

Are you using content marketing?

Please let me have your thoughts in the comments below, thanks!