For a very long time now, since millennials back, the human race has been living with limited technology which has been dubbed ‘the industry’s best friend’ for a reason. The amazing thing about technology is that it keeps evolving. Scientific minds in conjunction with the engineering field are constantly ever studying to improve and enhance technology. It is impossible to name an industry that does not employ the latest technology in its operations. Each and every industry, however miniature employs technology at least in one of its departments. Technology though is a very general word that has to be broken down into specifics.

Most if not all industries have many machines to help in their operations. The machines could range from light simply designed objects to the heavy machines that take months to design with complex usability. All in all, these machines help with work that a human could do less efficiently and in more time with a slow speed.

Machines is also a wide topic since machines are of different types, different engineering method and each has its own different use. There could be tens of machines at an industry, but each with a purpose different from the other. Sometimes however, the machines work together to attain the same objective. In other instances, a machine itself does the engineering of an object in that it creates the final product once fed with the material needed. Such a machine is known as a continuous motion assembly machine and may sometimes be in the form of a robot. These machines can integrate many operations among the including

  • Pressure, flow and volume control
  • Labelling
  • Clipping, gluing
  • Supervision
  • Ultrasonic welding

The application of these machines is everywhere. Look at the cosmetics industry for example and in particular, the perfume industry. Have you ever wondered just how a simple tool like an aerosol cap comes about? Or the aerosol valves? Some of the perfume equipment including the actuator may look easy but without a machine that can produce them, you cannot have a perfume to enjoy and therefore an important factor to consider would be aligning yourself with a accompany that produces assembly machines.