The first day at a new job can be very exciting, and also very scary. You may have had the most wonderful interview and really feel as if you fit into this company. But what if you have got it all wrong? What if you hate the company culture or don’t get along with your colleagues? One way to avoid this stress is to go for contract-to-hire jobs. These short term, contractual roles essentially allow you to try out the job before you decide to commit to it full time. It also gives the employer a chance to see if you will be an asset to their company. That all sounds fantastic – but is it? Here we take a brief look at what are the pros and cons of contract to hire.


The Pros

1. Seeing if the company is a good fit

There’s no guarantee that you will like either the culture of the new company or your new colleagues. Dragging yourself out of bed in the morning and into a job you hate is no fun. A contract to hire job gives you the chance to weigh up the pros and cons of working there before you commit to it long term.

2.Testing new areas

Another plus is the fact that you can use your contract to hire to explore different avenues and see which role you are actually best suited for. This may not be the job you went for, so having this chance to “test before you sign” could save you from making a serious mistake in your career path.

3.Negotiating Salary and Benefits

A contract to hire also gives the employer a chance to see just how well you perform. If you prove yourself to be a star player you can negotiate a great salary and bonus package. You can do this simply by removing the risk for the employer. When they hire somebody they can only go off how they performed in the interview, past experience etc. There are no guarantees they are going to be a good fit in the company. In this respect, contract to hire jobs can be considered an elaborate form of working interviews, where you get to prove you’re the best person for the job.



1.Missing Out on Benefits

The flexibility of contract to hire is the biggest benefit but this comes at a price. For the duration of your contract to hire you will not get the benefits enjoyed by the full-time employees. If your contract length is 6 months, for example, that’s a lot of bonuses and benefits you are missing out on. Only you can decide if it’s worth it for the shot at the bigger prize.

2.No Guarantee of a Job

You may love the company, find the work easy yet satisfying, have embraced the culture and get on brilliantly with your colleagues. Once your contract comes to an end, however, there is no guarantee that you are going to get a job. As far as the company is concerned you may not be as good as you thought you were. Unfortunately, there are also many unscrupulous companies around who dangle a golden carrot to get staff to accept contract to hire roles but have no intention of offering them a permanent role at the end of it