If you’ve recently come across the term ‘domestic violence’, then most likely your first impression would be a fight between the spouses. However, the term has a much broader meaning, and accordingly, the consequences also vary. 


What is Domestic Violence? 

According to the Arizona statute, any act that stimulates danger to the children or another partner in the marriage is considered to be domestic violence. It includes all sorts of criminal acts such as hurting the partner physically, assaulting or threatening for fatalities, etc. 

Often the arguments between the spouses may escalate emotionally, and the situation can get out of hand. It is quite understandable, that one of the partners may choose to act violently and take out his/her rage over the other partner. But, it is not recommended as this can have serious repercussions. And the situation can get worse if there are sexual charges on top of domestic violence charges. 

For the victims of domestic violence, it is necessary to get themselves a good attorney to represent their case in the court of law. Likewise, the defendant or the accused must also ensure to hire an experienced defense attorney. Domestic violence charges are brute and the accused can suffer some serious penalties including jail time, which could be increased with additional evidence. That being said, it is also a sensitive issue and for this reason, there have been found some discrepancies in the allegations from the victim. Therefore, it makes all the more sense to have a defense attorney for the accused/defendant. 

Apart from domestic violence, there are certain DUI (driving under the influence) cases that are on the rise. Therefore it is imperative for you to learn more about DUI laws since drunk-driving crashes cost well over $40 billion dollars. Definitely, you can defend yourself in such cases, but having a DUI attorney at your side increases your chances of a more favorable outcome.


But, how to Find the Right Defense Attorney?

As important as it is to hire a criminal defense attorney, there are a few things that must also be considered before hiring. Essentially, a criminal defense attorney, as the experts from https://www.belenlawfirm.com/ suggest, would handle a lot of things simultaneously to ensure that their client does not pay unjustly for their mistake and that too only if the guilt is proven. Their task includes disproving the victim’s claims/statements, verifying the evidence of injuries, proving if the accused’s act was in self-defense or intentional violence, etc. Most importantly, they stand by their clients to help either get them out of trouble or at least receive them the minimum possible sentence for their mistake. 

That being said, here are a few suggestions that can help find the right defense attorney for domestic violence cases. 


Know Their Experience And Expertise

It is like an unsaid rule of thumb to acknowledge the years of experience that an attorney has in addition to their area of expertise. And it is all the more important to know about these characters of a criminal defense attorney. After all, domestic violence issues are ultra-sensitive and can stain the years of reputation for the accused, if proved guilty unjustly. There’s actually, no scope for any mistake or exception. 


Look For Their Testimonials

An attorney who has years of experience and expertise but isn’t good while communicating or handling the clients is probably the worst pick. After all, the accused needs to be comfortable with his/her attorney to be able to disclose the facts. A good way to establish an attorney’s behavior with his/her clients is to connect with their former clients. In fact, attorneys are more likely to share their former clients’ contact details for the sake of a trustworthy relationship. 


Getting A Strategic Plan From Them

Most of the defense attorney’s would either give a rough idea or prepare their clients for the forthcoming events. It is very unlikely that the accused would reclaim their allegations or choose out of court settlement, which leads to no other option than facing a courtroom trial. Usually, a good defense attorney would offer their clients a firm strategy to help them get out of trouble. The strategy should enlist possible outcomes and the course of action according to them. 


Finally, Meeting The Budget

Apart from all that an attorney can offer- the expertise, a reliable strategy, and even good customer service, it is important that they meet up with the client’s budgetary needs, as well. After all, an attorney who may save their client from fines and jail time, but instead cost them a fortune is possibly no better than serving the trial. That being said, most of the attorneys (especially the good ones) would offer an estimate about the total cost of representation along with all the legal fees and possible penalties. 


Quite understandably, domestic violence must be avoided at all costs. However, emotional rage can still be an issue, which is the reason a good defense attorney is needed.