As a business owner, reaching your target audience and converting them to customers is naturally on top of your to-do list. You may have already set up a sophisticated website, introduced coupon codes, or placed online ads to achieve this goal. However, your data shows that you are still behind. If your company is looking for better strategies to market your product or services, you should go back to the basics and consider direct Mail Retargeting or remarketing. 


What is Direct Mail Remarketing or Retargeting?

It is the use of digital technology to target your products and services towards people who have previously visited your website and shown interest (hence the terms remarket or retarget). Your system provider will then capture their IP addresses and accurately match them to these individuals’ email and home addresses.  

Once you have their mailing details, you will then send each one of them a direct mail containing information on promos or deals that will entice them to buy or use your services. Since they have already expressed an interest in your company, there is a significant chance of them taking the bait, especially if your offer is attractive. When this happens, you will have successfully turned a part of your target market into actual customers. 


Why Should You Use Direct Mail Retargeting?  

In this age of sophisticated technology, you may be wondering how an email or postcard can make a difference in connecting with your clients. To help give you an idea, here are some of the reasons why direct Mail Retargeting is valuable as a marketing strategy: 


Better Chance of Getting Noticed  

If you believe that online advertising will help turn internet users into customers, you may be living in the past. While there was a time when such campaigns worked, it’s a whole different ball game now.  

One survey showed that a majority of web browsers dislike online ads primarily because they are intrusive and rampant in this day and age. As high as 73 percent of the test subjects agreed that they loathe pop-ups and ads on their mobile phones. They also admitted to using ad blockers to prevent seeing advertisements. 

Given the growing annoyance with online advertising, why solely rely on them? Using direct mail can increase your chance of getting noticed since most households bring in their letters daily and sort through them for several minutes. Sending a direct mail to previously interested customers makes it more likely for them to read your mail and look for any exciting offers. 


Gives Focus on Your Brand

Since your business has to compete with countless advertisements and pop-ups, there is a slim chance that your target audience will notice your message. But when you send a direct mail, you can capture their attention long enough to focus on your brand and message. Note how statistics show that the median ROI of direct mail is 29 percent, which is significantly higher as compared to the 16 percent ROI of online displays. 


Touches Customers in a More Personal Way  

The fact that web users visited your site means that you have something that they want. Even if they leave the site without buying, you can entice them to close the transaction by offering a deal they cannot resist. What better way to do this than by sending them a direct mail, right? 

Given the reasons mentioned above, it is evident how retargeting using direct mail can allow your business to convert website visits to actual sales. When you use this method to complement your existing marketing plan, you will surely see your company moving in the right and more profitable direction.