There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve forgotten something…did you turn your straighteners off? Did you lock the car? Did you leave your phone at work? Thankfully, all of these little mishaps can be solved easily. But if you’re planning an event and you suddenly have a feeling that you’ve forgotten something, the problem is quite so easily rectified.  

A simple oversight can turn a perfectly planned event into a nightmare. Where you’re constantly struggling to keep up and make amends. Many event planners describe these oversights as fallen dominos that quickly tumble into all the other carefully organised features of your event and bring them crashing down. Which is why it’s important to cover all your bases and have an eye for detail!  

Many successful event planners use events planner software to ensure that every detail is accounted for and to reduce the likelihood of things being forgotten or overlooked. In the meantime, we’ve gathered some simple yet crucial event planning details you shouldn’t miss.  


The wifi stability  

If you choose to use events planner software, then being able to access your online manifest offline is essential if there is an issue with the wifi. Before the event, consider visiting the venue during periods to test its stability. Guests who are unable to post photos online and update their social media or go online etc won’t be happy if they have to step outside or use their data allowance to do so. 

Bonus tip: Have the wifi password readily available on tables and in visible areas like the bar and in the bathrooms or even on your event invites. Make it common knowledge!  


Music permits 

Is the venue in question permitted to play music legally? In order to play music in a public place, a music license or permit must be obtained and put on display. Even if you’re playing live music as opposed to songs from a phone or app, you’ll still need permits for them to do so legally. Make sure all the legalities are taken care of well in advance.  


Supplies for your staff/vendors 

Waiting and bar staff, car park attendees and anyone else you have working the event are going to need breaks. They’re going to be rushing around and will sometimes feel a little harassed. The better you take care of your staff, the happier they’ll be. Provide plenty of water and snacks, encourage breaks and look after them! They’re carrying your event and need your support.  


Event photos 

You might be dashing around ensuring everything is going as planned, however in your haste, you need to remember to take photos of the event itself. These can be used as promotional materials for future events and as mementoes for attendees and company websites. If you can’t take photos, hire someone to do it for you.  

And finally, remind attendees of the order of events 

If you’re using event planning software, in the days leading up to the event remind your attendees of the order of events, what they can expect and the times they are expected. This will make everything run much smoother on the day.