Most machines have rotating or reciprocating parts that create some degree of vibration as a result of the imbalance of the moving parts. The vibrations of the machines lead to various problems such as the reduction of usefulness of the machines due to wear and tear. Also, transmission of these vibrations to other adjacent structures that have not been insulated leads to noise pollution, harm to the environment as well as cause harm to our ears or to our bodies. Thus, vibration isolation should be put into consideration so as to reduce the harmful effects of the vibrations being produced by the machines. Vibration isolators such as anti-vibration mounts are being put to use so as to minimize the harmful effects of these vibrations.

A special application known as the Vibration isolator Pro has been developed that can be used on a mobile phone to help you discover the main vibration frequencies that are causing disturbance. The integrated accelometers that are part of your phone have the capability of making measurements to enable you to see the main frequencies that need to be isolated. The application has technical parameters that will show several options of mounts as well as online data sheets to give you a deeper understanding of the mount you are interested in.

The application has a video demonstrating how the anti-vibration mount that you have selected works.  This application will effectively help you to find the right support of isolating vibration coming from your machines such as air conditioners or washing machines. It is important to note that in order to achieve a perfect isolation, you need to get a high quality product which should be installed after a study of vibrations has been conducted and correct measurements taken.

Most insurance companies do not cover anti-vibration mounts on their own, they cover the whole machinery that is being used. For instance, an insurance company will cover a boat or a construction machine which has an anti-vibration mount. For home appliances that use anti-vibration mounts, most insurance companies do not cover them as they wear and tear hence, the user has to incur extra costs of repairing the machine in case it breaks down. However, for home appliances that have been bought from genuine dealers, they can use a warranty if it is within the specified period. You can get financing of anti-vibration mounts from banks as well as have a payment plan with the seller.