Wood has been in existence and in use for such a long time. Its usage in construction goes way back centuries when stone construction had not cemented its place in the industry.

However, as technology and time advanced, new features of wood got unearthed. As of now, there are many types of wood but one that rises above all is the French wood, a combination of class, style and exemplary sight.

French wood is a new edition, a new version of natural wood with veins on its surface, perfectly lined to create an amazing design. French wood has a range of colors from olive, larch, elm, ebony, cork, among others. The list of products made from French wood is even longer and includes doors, custom cabinets, well designed floors, oak barrels, table tops, work tops, wood panels and even the smaller kitchen products like cutting boards among many others. Of particular importance however, are the solid wood panels.

The aforementioned wood panels have much use for them and their functionality is highly appreciated. They also come in different varieties depending on the use and they can either be solid panels, 3 ply panels or glued-laminated panels. The above cover a range of uses especially in interior design including staircases, table tops, furniture and decorations.

Solid wood panels Panoplot are ready to use, consisting of lamellas glued together on the side an in the width and perform the same use as other panels, only that these are more enhanced and are flexible most if not all uses of the modern wood. At https://en.ducerf.com/products/solid-wood-panels-panoplot you can find the most exquisite wood panels tailor-made to suit your interior needs. Features of their wood panels include: panels sanded on both sides, 40mm and above lamellas are used, cutting is made to available dimensions plus FSC and PEFC certification to guarantee quality. The perks of their wood panels include the following: they are ready to use, they have great stability, there is drying guarantee, they are cost-effective and optimized storage.

For more information on the placing an order and transportation, please visit the website. They also do international shipping.