Protecting your gadgets is vital but doesn’t need to be expensive. Many of us now own multiple gadgets including laptops, cameras, tablets, and smartphones.

If you can’t afford to lose your gadget then insuring it is a must. Unlike car insurance, if you need to make a claim it won’t increase your premium.

Home insurance may cover the cost of replacing gadgets but this is normally if something happens to it within your home. Once you’re outside if it gets stolen or you accidentally drop it then you probably won’t be covered.

Before you start looking for a deal think about the age of your gadget and if it’s really worth it. A 7 year old laptop running on Windows 7 probably won’t be worth much. Neither would a very old outdated mobile phone.

Having decided to insure your gadgets you need to find a company that fits your needs and your pocket. I’ve researched what I believe to be the 5 best available deals for you at this time.


Protect Your Bubble

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If you want to insure multiple gadgets you may find Protect Your Bubble offer a good fit for your needs. If you have up to 3 gadgets you want to insure cover starts from just £2.99 per month.

Pay £12.99 a month and you can insure up to 10 gadgets! That could be a huge saving if you and your family own multiple laptops, smartphones, and ipads.


Gadget Cover are one of the most popular gadget insurance companies in the UK. They cover most modern day gadgets including mobile phone, ipad, laptop, cameras, and even smart watches.

If you have a partner or immediate family who use your gadgets you may find offers a good deal for your needs. If your partner or children accidentally drop your tablet or spill water on your precious laptop you’re covered!!

You’re also protected from unauthorised usage, theft, and insurance includes worldwide cover.


Switched On Insurance

Switched On Insurance aim to provide value with great customer service. Iphone insurance with Switched On is very affordable with plans starting at just £4.50 a month.

This includes accidental damage, liquid damage, cracked screen, and mechanical failure. Upgrade to the Ultimate cover and you’re also insured for loss, theft, unauthorised use, and E-Wallet. At £6.50 a month this is a good deal and covers you for everything. You also get one month free.


E&L Gadget Insurance

If you’re a photographer you may find E&L gadget insurance fits your needs. All your equipment can be insured for up to the value of £20,000. There is also an option of up to 2 years new for old.

Starting at just £1.40 a month this is a very good deal and applies to amateur as well as professional photographers. This insurance deal only covers cameras and other photographic equipment.



Insurance2Go gadget insurance offers unlimited cover. You can insure your iphone from £6.99 a month, and an ipad from just £2.99 a month.

Your phone must be less than 6 months old though, and you must provide proof of it’s age. You must also pay £75 excess for every claim made.

If you’re a MacBook Pro user you can insure your device from £9.49 a month. Compared to other insures this is a very good deal.

It makes sense to insure your beloved MacBook as accidents happen to the best of us. They are also a prime target for thieves.