Congratulations on your business! Your hard work and courage brought you to this point of success. Your client base and revenue have increased at the same time. However, your space has not.


Moving Up

Working from home on your business was fine at first. Now, it’s getting cramped. In addition, you need to hold your client appointments at their offices or coffee shops. Needless to say, your beverage expenses are now the highest budget item. So, it’s time to move up to a working space all your own. And we’re not talking about your garage. Instead, we mean a fully furnished working space from companies in the area like Highland March.


Why Fully Furnished

Yes, you can rent an unfurnished office to decorate in your style. However, doing so can take a big bite out of your budget. Not only for the purchase of furniture but also for delivery and moving. When you purchase a fully furnished space you eliminate those items. As long as phone and network access are available, all you need to do is to hook your equipment in and start your business up. In addition, since you don’t have to bring in furniture, you can immediately host clients.


How Can I Find a Fully Furnished Space?

Start on the Internet. Do a search for MA office for rent to bring up all the locations. When you find one that fits your style, contact the rental office. It may sound obvious, but you want to take a tour of the facilities. And not only the available space. You also want to look around the common areas and introduce yourself to the other tenants. They can give you a good sense of the building’s owners, what they normally pay for rent, and if there are any problems they continually have. When you decide, speak to the rental office concerning fees if items in the fully-furnished working space are damaged. In addition, see what type of lease programs they offer. You may want to start off small, then move to a bigger lease if you are happy with the area.