The modern financial world is wrought with challenges, from the dangers of inflation and shifting market prices to the troublesome fluctuation brought on by the economic globalization of the Western world.

As the world’s buying power begins to shift from the West to nations of the East, it is natural and necessary to question the security of your finances.


The Enduring Buying Power Of Gold

In modern society, gold is a symbol of wealth and power, and in the world of science, gold is the least corrosive of all metals, making it necessary for many types of products and research. The value of gold, however, finds its roots far before modern science, at the very dawn of civilization.

The most ancient recorded states such as Sumer and Egypt viewed gold as precious, and almost all of the most successful ancient societies, including the Greeks and Romans, used gold as currency. The inherent rarity, beauty, and utility of gold ensures that it will always have great value.


Convenience At A Cost

During times of historical financial insecurity and upheaval, it has often become the responsibility of the individual to protect personal finances. In the ancient and developing world, this was a simple process: pack up your precious metals and move them to a place free of turmoil.

The financial system of America, however, makes the protection of your finances much more complex and dependent on the state. Although America was founded on the gold standard, a monetary system based on the value of gold as a precious metal, the current monetary system of the United States is based only on the value of paper and credit of the government.

Though this system allows the federal government flexibility with its finances, it also leaves the value of our currency vulnerable to any economic shifts that may occur, including inflation, economic recessions, and the ever-changing global exchange market.


An Unchanged And Undepreciated Currency

Almost all of the countries in the world have abandoned the gold standard and given into the depreciation of their currencies through paper based monetary systems.

However, gold remains an undepreciated and universally accepted form of currency, as valuable as it was at the founding of America and the outset of society.

When such a stable currency is available to secure your investments, why leave turbulent global affairs to determine your financial standing?

Harald Seiz

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