Is your job considered dangerous? Or high-risk? It’s true that most jobs have an element of risk, whether you’re at risk of slipping in the kitchen of your office block or burning yourself with hot grease in the restaurant you serve at. However, some roles come with a different kind of risk, where every day means taking your life in your hands and having workers’ compensation in place to protect yourself and your family.

If you work in a profession where your life is at risk, then you and your employer should be proactive in ensuring you’re aware of your rights and what will happen if an injury or fatality does occur whilst you’re at work. Understanding your position and options is vital if you want to ensure you and your family aren’t left financially ruined due to your line of work – what is the Jones Act for workers’ compensation? Click the link to find out more.

So, in what positions are people most at risk? Read on to find out…

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Marine professions

Working in a marine profession is varied work and can even take you all over the world, however, it also comes with a high amount of risk. From fishermen to industrial sailors, to oil rig workers, even marine biologists, or boat captains and crew. From slipping on deck to being thrown around below deck and becoming injured, or even falling overboard and drowning. It’s imperative that you have workers compensation in place to protect you and your family, should the worse happen.


Corrections officers

If you’re a corrections officer, then you’ll understand that your job is one that carries a huge amount of risk. Transporting prisoners, escorting them from different areas of the cell, completing searches, dealing with confrontational inmates and trying to diffuse what could be a life-threatening situation. Cuts, lacerations, broken bones and even stab wounds are all common injuries that correction officers are at risk of.


Emergency service workers

Firemen, paramedics, police, even doctors. Anyone who is called to an emergency scenario to help others is at risk. Whether the people involved are dangerous, or they’re required to enter a burning building or rescue someone from a crashed car before it explodes. Emergency service workers are at extreme risk of injury and even death on a daily basis.


Truck driver

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Truck drivers keep the country moving, by transporting goods and ensuring our supermarkets are full and delivering necessary items all over the country. However, they’re also at risk of becoming involved in fatal road accidents. As mentioned here,, the truck drivers and and trucking companies need to ensure proper and regular maintenance of their vehicles to prevent accidents from happening.

Final thoughts…

Are you in a high-risk role? If so, ensure you’re aware of your worker’s compensation rights.