There are many costs associated with starting a business; business plans, property, employees, legal documentation, and the list can go on and on. Although there is multiple costs, obtaining your EIN or tax- identification number, is not one of them. For all intents and purposes, getting your EIN number is free. The IRS does not charge anyone to get a tax-ID. You can simply apply for your EIN online. This website has a simple-to-use and free, three-step process that will help you to get your EIN number. That is the case for more people around the United States, however, there are some states that require more steps and information to satisfy their state records. Wisconsin is one of those states.


A Wisconsin Tax-ID


To get a Wisconsin EIN you will have to go through the Department of Revenue at the state level. This goes for sole proprietors, non-resident limited liability corporations (LLC’s) and corporations, partnerships, and non-profits. However, local LLC’s and corporations have to register with the Department of Financial Institutions to get their EIN numbers. If you want to do business in Wisconsin, this could be very confusing whether you are a resident of the state or not. This is why this website is so important; because it can make sure the correct information is filed with the correct agency and ensure you get your EIN number as soon as it is available.


Worth the Cost

One simple mistake on your EIN application can cause your application to be denied. The paperwork can be extremely tedious and can feel endless. Depending on your business and where you live it can be quite beneficial to have someone who knows about IRS-EIN-Tax-ID on your side. If you live in the state of Wisconsin, there is help for you. This filing service will make sure you have all you need to your EIN number.