Writing eleven best-selling books about teamwork and founding a firm that gives organizations the tools they need to function better as a team, Patrick Lencioni is definitely an expert on employee engagement.

If that is something you are struggling with in your organization, Lencioni might be the perfect person to rouse your team, make them more productive, and shake real change for your company.

Thanks to his leadership models that are universally appealing, he has been able to help a wide variety of companies, including some on the Fortune 500, sports organizations, the military, and non-profits. Lencioni addresses thousands of leaders at the helm of these businesses every year at national conferences, and he is often rated the best keynote speaker at those events.

Not only was he named one of Fortune magazine’s “ten new gurus you should know,” but he has also been featured in USA Today, Bloomberg Businessweek and Harvard Business Review.

Through his talks, coordinated by the Sweeney Agency, Lencioni speaks on a variety of topics based on several of his books. The Ideal Team Player focuses on team members as individuals, and explores why some people are better team members than others. This discussion is great if you’re recruiting new employees, or if you yourself want to be a better team player.

The Advantage is all about organizational health and how it is just as, if not more, important to focus on as strategy, marketing and technology. So things that help an organization minimize politics and confusion and maintain high morale will maintain a low turnover rate for your best employees.

Managing Employee Engagement focuses on job misery and gets to the bottom of what makes people frustrated at work, and how their managers can give their employees a sense of fulfillment.

Confront the Absurdity of Meetings delves into why most people hate meetings, and why they really shouldn’t. Lencioni explains how meetings can be useful, make a team more productive, and are in fact the cornerstone of a competitive organization.

The Five Temptations of a Leader helps leaders master their jobs and avoid the common missteps many leaders make with just a few relatively simple behavioral changes that require little discipline.

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