In just a handful of decades video gaming has come from nowhere to become the world’s best-loved entertainment form.


Long eclipsing the likes of music and movies, the gaming industry has managed to reach global yearly revenues of over $91 billion thanks to a never-ending array of innovations that have ranged from simple reinventions of the game of roulette to some groundbreaking virtual reality technologies.


It took brands like Nintendo to really help gaming drag itself out of the primitive years of the 1990s thanks the four-player capabilities of games like Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64. But it wasn’t until the arrival of broadband technologies took off that the new online dawn of gaming truly arrived.


The phenomenon of World of Warcraft quickly unveiled a new multiplayer gaming environment that allowed gamers to battle against each other in real-time regardless of user location.


The seemingly limitless worlds offered by the pivotal title have evolved a string of fantasy titles that offer a massively multiplayer online battle arena environment that recently reached its logical conclusion with the likes of this year’s Overwatch.


This captivating game makes full use of the incredible gameplay technology available in next-gen consoles and PCs to deliver non-stop action that’s particularly well-suited to the burgeoning competitive gaming scene.

world of warcraft

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Already titles like League of Legends and Starcraft II have become big-hitters in the eSports realm that have provided a far-reaching platform for these games to be performed in front of millions of spectators via the new streaming technologies and even some 24-hour terrestrial TV channels.


Gaming on our TV screens has been with us for some time. But as well as late-night poker competitions, there have been numerous examples of other casino games entering the competitive gaming realm. For example, brands such as Betway provide a way for players who are hungry for a competitive game of roulette to find a game that suits their own playing style and expertise from the convenience of a smartphone.


Other niche gaming areas have also enjoyed a phenomenal growth thanks to the powerful influence of app stores, with puzzle games like Color Switch gaining a huge rise in popularity thanks to their simple gameplay that can be easily enjoyed on a mobile device.


And with the impending arrival of mainstream virtual reality technologies, it looks like we will all be experiencing many more immersive shoot-em-ups, addictive puzzlers and games of online roulette in the coming years.