Ever walk down a street and use the signs along the way to get to your destination? That is exactly what signs do. They direct you down roads that eventually lead to the right places. Without signs, how else would we navigate our way around a city?

Businesses that want to be seen need to invest in a good sign—for small businesses, signs are the most affordable form of marketing. In contrast, for larger businesses, signs help customers locate items faster, make better buying decisions, and capitalize on promotions. There are more advantages of signages as well. 

Let’s take a quick look.


Benefits of Signages

Business Hand With Brand Text

Brand Awareness

Whether you own a restaurant, bar, grocery store, or travel agency, fun, quirky, or interesting signage can draw customers to your business. You can also use signage to create a welcoming, inviting vibe about your business. Exterior and interior signs, cool decals, window graphics, and even temporary signage can amp up the message of your brand, products, or services.


More Revenue And Attention

Signage can help businesses increase sales and influence customer buying behavior. For instance, a sign with a promotion can tempt passersby to step into your store, leading to an impulse purchase. Similarly, putting up a sign on the roadside can help bring people to your store, especially if you’re located in an obscure corner of a shopping complex.

People rely heavily on visual cues to help them decide between products and even services. Learning how to master the art of creating a strong message through a sign’s design will score you brownie points. 

Figure out if a storefront or entrance sign will be enough to get the attention you need. Additional signage is always a better idea if you have larger locations to manage, like a grocery store or residential property.


Keeps Customers Updated

Promotions and good deals always do well with showy, attention-grabbing signages. It gives customers enough information to be drawn to what you have to offer. For small businesses who want to make some noise offline, installing signage can prove to be worth the time and money. It’s also a cost-effective way of boosting your business’s image 24/7.


Local Sign Companies: One-Stop Shops for Signage

To explore your local options, use a search engine to help you locate sign companies nearby. For example, if your business is located in central Missouri, searching sign company St. Louis, MO could help you locate a reputable nearby company. As a small business owner, you can also shop local to help spread awareness of your business in the right place and form partnerships with other local business owners which could benefit you down the road. Most sign companies provide a host of signage options that will get you excited about your business. Besides handling project management and the manufacturing of custom signs, they may also provide installation and maintenance services which could save you the time and cost of outsourcing such needs. 


How Much Does a Sign For a Business Cost?

Business signs can vary from roll-up banners to wall decals to vehicle graphics, sidewalk signs, store-front or window signs, awnings, and more. You can also explore electronic vs. non-electronic signs. ​​Considering the variety available to businesses today, signage costs can be anywhere between 10$ to 1200$ per sq foot. Just research what you need, and you can often get an estimate that’s more specific to your business.