More and more businesses around the world are striving to ‘go green’. We’re more aware of the devastating effects of climate change, and our damage to the planet.

Businesses have been forced to make swift changes by governments across the world. Companies receive incentives and bonuses for going green, so it’s well worth the shift.

Some offices are now entirely carbon neutral. That means they create all the electricity they need on-site. They even sell excess electricity back to the grid.

Of course, this is a big step, especially for small businesses.

So, today, we’re looking at the easier changes you can make. Not only are they great for the environment, they’ll also improve efficiency, and reduce your finances.

What have you got to lose?

cans recycle


Reduce paper

Many businesses around the world have committed to a paper-free environment. It’s not always easy when you’re used to piling up invoices, contracts and drafts!

However, there are ways around it. Start using cloud services to transfer documents.

With the likes of Google Docs, you can edit and share documents with a group of people. Instead of real seasonal cards, send electronic Christmas cards for business. That’s one email people won’t mind seeing in their inbox! You can send electronic invoices and contracts too.

Before you print that next document, think about whether you really need to.



Most offices have made small steps towards recycling goals, especially with paper. But, we could all do better!

Set up a dedicated recycling area in the office, and try to appoint someone to look after it.

Make sure the recycling area accepts paper, plastic, metal and glass. That way you’ll recycle just about everything except food waste.


Energy efficient changes

There are lots of small energy savings you can make around the office. Firstly, you can replace the lightbulbs with energy efficient alternatives.

You can keep the blinds open during the day to make the most of natural light.

You could also turn the thermostat down a notch or two. Will you notice one degree temperature change?

You might not think these are significant changes, but across the whole office, you’ll save a fortune.


Train employees

There’s no use implementing lots of green principles unless your employees understand the end-goal.

Explain to them how important recycling is to the company, and train them how to reduce paper waste.

It’s also crucial that you remind them to turn off equipment overnight. Just leaving a computer on standby drains a serious amount of electricity. Going green is a communal activity, make sure they are with you.


Encourage telecommuting

We love the concept of telecommuting. In this global, connected world, your employees don’t need to be in the office 9-5.

Let them work flexible hours from home instead. They’ll love the freedom, and you’ll save on vital energy bills.

You could even downsize the office over time. Of course, just make sure they’re hitting targets and getting the work completed.

You might even see a boost of productivity as they leave the office distractions behind.



These simple, small changes will make a world of difference in the office.

You’ll help reduce your impact on the planet, and cut costs.

Where could you start?