Are you coming towards the end of a crippling financial month? If so, then the chances are that the last thing you want to spend your final few notes on is your big pile of bills.

Sadly, that is the prospect a lot of us are facing. However, it doesn’t need to be that way!

Here is how to increase your personal finances with our handy how-to guide!


Freelance Writing

Got a knack for writing succinctly and fluently? If so, then this could be for you.

You’ll need to have an excellent understanding of the English language and be prepared to write vast amounts of content. This all must be done in a limited amount of time. If you think you can handle all that, then get online and starting searching for freelance roles.

These can be done part-time to get yourself that extra bit of cash in addition to your full-time position. Having multiple streams of income is absolutely fantastic. It also shows potential employers how excellent your time management skills are.

Furthermore, freelancing is paid, often, by the number of words you write, not by the time it takes you. Therefore, if you can type quickly, you could earn some serious buck! Give it a go.

There are websites dedicated to finding excellent freelancers. See for additional information on this topic!


See A Personal Injury Law Firm

If you’ve recently had an accident or injury at the workplace that you didn’t think was much of a big deal, then treat it as one! Seeing a personal injury lawyer about your little mishap could land you some serious compensation.

It all comes from your workplace. If you’re really short of money, then this could definitely be the way to go about getting it! Check out for more information.

Don’t worry about the awkwardness surrounding the whole ordeal. Companies are used to this sort of lawsuit being filed against them. Plus, it’s their fault for not covering their own backs and keeping you safe at work!


Trade Stocks And Shares

Investing in stocks and shares can be another real money spinner. That is, if you know what you’re doing! It’s of pivotal importance to know what you’re getting into when it comes to this method of money making.

It also takes up some capital investment, so you can’t be at rock bottom if you’re going to attempt to make money with this venture. You’ll need some form of cash injection.

However, once you’re up and running, trading stocks and shares could earn you some serious dough. They’re easy to track too, with many smartphones and tablets coming with a Stocks app, which easily tracks their movement on the market. Don’t fancy it? Try 401k Investing.


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Hopefully, this post has gone some way to ending your crippling financial woes.

You should know that all of these methods are proven to earn serious cash, so long as you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Be wary, and you’ll be able to earn all the money that you need to get you back on track!