There are many methods that businesses and individuals use to secure their data. Whether it is a set of hard drives, physical servers, NAS or the cloud, data security is so important when it comes to storage and backup systems. We can run through some of the most important tips that will help people keep their data systems secured.


1. Do Not Store Sensitive Details on the Cloud

If there are documents, company files, personally identifiable pictures or other items that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands, they should probably not be on the cloud. Individuals should store these items on secure hard drives or USB flash drives. Businesses can use a setup such as EMC storage to keep their data secure. These EMC solutions offer high quality hardware for the purposes of data storage.

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2. Take Password Security Seriously

When it comes to keeping data backups secure, password security is something people often take for granted. Not only should you make a concentrated effort to choose passwords that are not easy to crack, but you should also change these passwords regularly. Never use the same password for multiple systems or accounts, while you may also want to consider two-factor authorization as an option for accounts and cloud storage solutions.


3. Encryption

Many people do not fully understand encryption, which is why they do not use it as part of their data storage solutions. In reality, encryption is very simple. Even for personal data, an easy way to get the job done is to take a bunch of files, zip them into one file, and then encrypt the zip file with a password. The result is a set of files that, even if they are stolen, cannot be accessed without the encryption code.

Companies should pay even more attention to data encryption. When using physical storage servers, ensure an automatic or periodic manual encryption method is in place. And if cloud storage is being considered for your data backup, choose a service that offers automatic and high quality encryption.


4. Read the User Manual

Data storage is complicated, particularly when the cloud is involved. If you sign up with a cloud storage provider, ensure you spend time reading the fine details of your user agreement. These details may seem boring, but it is usually the place where important details are located. For instance, you will know what encryption is used by the company, what backup options they offer for your data, and what happens in the event of the company’s servers being hacked or compromised.


5. Multiple Backups

The final method that you may want to consider regarding data storage security is having multiple backups in place. While you may not want to have three backups of all your data, the most sensitive information should be secured in this way. And companies should have more than one backup of all their data, in case the original system and the first backup are both compromised or damaged.