Take a moment and think of your favorite company. What is the first thing you can name about it? Perhaps what you like most about it? Now dig a little deeper and picture them in your mind. What does their logo look like? What do you remember most about it when you are away, and what did you notice about it when you first saw it? You can note the effectiveness of the logo in question based on how much it stood out to you first, and secondly on how well you remember it without reminders. Now, what about your own logo? Do you feel like it is effective in your branding or does it need a little revival? Are you creating a brand new logo? In either situation, there are several things to consider, so let’s look at some ways to create an effective logo that stands out. If you’re using an online free logo maker, make sure the logos are unique and created by professional logo designers. 

To start, your logo should speak for you – even when you are not present. It should illustrate the essence of your goals while telling a small, descriptive story about your company in itself. While this sounds hard to accomplish with a simple, single graphic image, remember that pictures and symbols can represent eons of history and meaning. Some may already know that while it seems like just a simple check mark, or “swoosh”, the Nike logo embodies the representation of the Greek goddess, Nike. Nike was the winged goddess of speed, strength, and victory – a near flawless representation for a sports shoe. We see a prime example here of how less can be more with a little creative ingenuity and intelligence behind a logo’s design, while still containing a notable and/or story.  

Within this story, you are going to want to add your company’s personality. In order to do so, you may want to ask yourself the following questions: what kind of personality do I want my company to exude? Who is my audience? What does my company do? What values does my company uphold? All of these will surely help draw out images that you want to use in order to represent your company successfully and honestly in a personalized way. While this seems like a major hurdle, it is only going to be the foreground for your logo, since there is now a question of colors, fonts, backgrounds…  

Outside of image design, businesses must decide what colors they wish to use in order to display their logos. While it may seem an easy choice to some, you must consider what is going to appeal to your customers and audience base. It may appeal to you, but it may not appeal to your customer – let alone be easy to read or digest. For instance, while you may be keen to reds, they can invoke feelings of hostility or anger. Blues can be calming, but the wrong blues can signal sadness or depression. Color choice is not only meant for pleasure of the eye, but also to evoke emotion and interest within the audience when they see it.  

Moreover, while emotions are subject to everyone individually, there is a point to brush upon about the colors that make us stand out. Reds can also invoke feelings of passion and strength while yellows can bring about excitement and happiness. While the meaning of the colors is great, the real question is whether or not they stand out, or are easy on the eyes. Brighter reds can stand out pretty easily, while also being easy on the eyes. Yellow is an obvious color to stand out with, but bright yellow? Bright yellow may cause uneasiness with customers and cause them to avoid your establishments. A softer yellow however, will allow you to stand out, but won’t be as harsh on the eye. Other warm colors like blues and greens can stand out well, but also offer an inviting feeling when seen from a distance. Combining colors is a great idea when looking to stand out, but also invoke certain feelings that represent who your company is as a whole. The trick is figuring out which ones will do the job effectively without seeming unappealing, or hard to take in.  

Last, but certainly not least, font must be considered for the same reasons as stated above, but also because you want your logo to be legible and easy to understand. A company can be stellar in it’s performance and accurate in all that it does, but what is a company without a name?  Not only do you want your logo font to be legible, you also want to consider what it says about the company. Is it fun and adventurous, or is it modern and elegant? Do you want your logo to tell people that your company is fast paced and efficient, or a place where you can relax and make decisions at your own leisure? All are valid questions about what your chosen font will say about your company 

Now that we have established the basic needs of your logos look, lets see how it can stand out even more. There are a few obvious points that may not occur to some – the biggest being that of originality. From colors, to design, to fonts, originality is key in creating your own logo. This ensures from the beginning that you will stand out because your logo will not resemble another business and your final logo will be associated with your company, alone. Logos that look similar to others often get lost in translation and confused with unrelated businesses, so it best to check your logo against others in order to ensure that it is as original as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, checking trends and not following them! Your logo should represent you and not what is trendy at the time. Trends pass, your company’s success shouldn’t because of an outdated logo.  

Considering the application of your logo is important as well when you want to stand out against the others, because the more you can use it, the better! When branding with your logo, you are going to want to display it everywhere and at every chance possible in order to form the connection between you and your logo. If there is a lack in availability to sell your logo or apply it to different mediums, you will not be able to use your logo effectively and your branding will have gaps to deal with. Make a list of everywhere your logo can and will go. Remember the differences in mediums as you go from business cards to websites and consider how the look and feel changes between the two.  

Seemingly overwhelming, logos can brilliantly represent your company with enough patience and thorough thought. Start compiling lists of what you like and compare them to how the human mind reacts to the colors and fonts chosen. Are they going to make people uneasy, or relaxed? Do you want them to make fast decisions, or hang around and a more contemplated purchase? Narrow down these colors and choose fonts by deciding what they say about your company’s personality and goals. Don’t be afraid to research historic symbols and ideologies that can represent your company through a single image and let them tell your story. A lot of background and information can be found just by digging around a little and they can say a lot for your company and it’s personality. Most importantly, always stay original and stick to your own genuine ideals on how your logo should look. Comparing yourself to others is never a bad idea here in order to ensure that you stay in line with your own image. There are many options available, they just have to be found!