Sitting at home and doing nothing isn’t something an intelligent person can live with. There are millions of women out there who have made sacrifices for their families and chosen to stay at home. There are many students and young adults whose potential is not tapped well enough in their day jobs. There might be some, who just need the extra money. Whatever the reason may be, the objective would be to make the best use of one’s spare time and earn some extra money.

Getting paid to take up market research surveys is an attractive option. Aren’t online surveys painfully time-consuming? Not at all. Why work hard when you can work smart? Try the following tips to spend less time on surveys and maximize your earnings.


1. Find genuine survey sites

Remember you should get paid to work, and not pay to get work. Never get fooled by big claims and get suckered into making an upfront investment from your side. Any site claiming to give you a paid survey in exchange for a lump sum is a cheat. Instead, look to read online reviews for the survey websites you’re looking to join. One of the experienced author Rebecca Staler reveals everything about survey stuff. From reviews to tips and guides, you can be safe.


2. Complete your profile and update it regularly

Your profile is what gets you more surveys. Companies looking for people to take surveys filter out potential candidates from their profile details. Your incomplete profile could cost you a chance. Put your best foot forward. Take time to fill your profile in full and key in every detail about your interest and expertise. Life may give you opportunities to pick newer talents as you go along. Update your profile with newly acquired skills or interest periodically. This will broaden the horizon of your chances, to get a good survey sooner than you think.


3. Spend optimal time

Make sure you take enough time to complete your survey. Rushing through the pages of the questionnaire doesn’t work. You don’t want to be considered suspicious; take your time, and fill in the answers after thinking through. Speed tactic could get blacklisted and you may not get paid for the time you invested. On the other hand, spending too much time on a survey could result in expiry of the timeline. This would mean you’d end up wasting your precious time for nothing. Spend optimal time without rushing through and give an honest opinion.


4. Use diplomacy

The idea is to get into as many survey demographics as possible. This will greatly boost your chance of higher survey participation requests. To do so, choose as many areas of interest as possible.


5. Focus on lucrative panels

Don’t bite more than you can chew. Subscribing to any and every panel for a survey is like dipping into every jar in the kitchen for a cookie. Identify lucrative and most rewarding survey panels and stick to them. Don’t waste your time on poor pay-masters.


6. Referrals can earn

Many survey websites have a referral reward system. Popularize your survey panel in your circle. The more you refer the more you could get paid for. This may be a good way to increase your earning.


7. Open your survey mails quickly

Be diligent about checking your emails. Open your paid survey email as soon as you receive it, to avoid losing out the opportunity to someone else. Survey companies usually send out 150 mails with links for every 100 surveys. And, if you snooze, you lose. When you open your survey mail within the first 48 hours of receiving it, you have a better chance of completing it in time. You also get an edge over the other recipients.


8. Update your browser

Be sure your browser is updated to the latest version. Version Incompatibility can cause problems in opening files. Updating to the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. will minimize content loading issues.


9. Take time to fill out those screener surveys

Most survey companies offer screener surveys on signing up with them. These are the ones where you are compelled to enter for a drawing prize. Don’t ignore them thinking ‘what are the odds’. It’s the company’s way of finding out how serious you are about their surveys. This your first opportunity to grab their attention and get visibility.


10. Update yourself with the latest news

Marketing research companies like to work on the latest news and trends. Read up on latest products, business news and market trends. Being up to date will equip you to offer an honest opinion. Take part in quality appraising surveys. Your earnings will be higher than the conventional ones.


Concluding remarks

Companies and brands around the word are looking for honest opinions about their products. Your survey gives them an opportunity to study the market preferences and develop high quality products. After copious statistics, and recording opinions, analysts study the data and help brands in delivering consumers a better brand experience.