For many companies, embracing the fourth industrial revolution is a forced choice. In fact, there is the risk of being left behind, thus putting your business at risk.

Today, industries are increasingly governed by intelligent machines, which in the coming years will be able to operate in perfect autonomy. According to some estimates, 2019 will be the year of automation. Therefore, companies that do not choose digitization will have little chance of competing. Industry 4.0 offers many advantages to the entire value chain. The new techniques improve production processes, made more efficient and faster, reduce waste and maximize revenues.

In particular, there are 6 benefits that could be obtained by switching to Industry 4.0: real-time information, automated control, production processes, forecasts, relationship between suppliers and customers, new business opportunities.


1. Real-time information

Getting information of any kind for an industry and as quickly as possible is crucial. The new systems, we think of the machines always connected, will allow us to collect and transmit data in real time.


2. Automated control

The card will disappear and be replaced by digital and intelligent systems. New technologies like a flow switch or this work instruction software will have an impact especially on the production line, where a series of manual control activities will be replaced with interactive and automated forms.


3. Production processes

The new production techniques will allow us to manage company resources in the best possible way, involving the workforce more, reducing costs and waste. The use of solar power, for example, to get solar water heating, lets you convert sunlight into heat using a solar thermal collector.


4. Forecasts

One of the most complex tasks for a company is to make predictive analysis, made much simpler through Big Data and Analytics, systems that not only record all the data collected by industrial machines, but interpret this information in order to make predictions and take action before potential problems occur.


5. Relationship between suppliers and customers

Another advantage offered by the manufacturing techniques of Industry 4.0 is in the relationship between company and suppliers, made more efficient thanks to the continuous exchange of information in real time.

In this way, delivery delays are reduced and the warehouse is optimized. Using innovative equipments like the pallet scale, lets you improve timing and productivity. And the relationship between the company and the end customer is also improved.


6. New business opportunities

Digital innovation guarantees different business solutions through which a company can sell a product and obtain new profits.