When you own a service station, there are things that you should do for your customers in order to keep them happy and coming back to get gas from you and to purchase other items that you sell. Offer a variety of items for customers, some that they can’t find at other stores. Take a step back and look at the store as the customer would see it, viewing how items are arranged on the shelves and if they could be moved around so that they are easier to reach. Put things that customers might not think about buying at the front of the store or at the ends of the aisles as this is where many customers tend to look when they are shopping. Offer exceptional customer service no matter how rude customers might be during the day.

Make sure the shelves are stocked. One of the service station maintenance California mishaps that many owners commit is not having enough of the products that customers want in the store. You should also ensure that the drink machines and any food machines are kept stocked so that customers don’t have to wait for you to fill containers with ice or refill the bags for the soda machines. Take the time to keep the bathrooms clean. Many customers like to stop at service stations while traveling and need to use the restroom. Keep the paper towels and soap stocked and the toilets clean. Pick up any trash in the parking lot so that customers don’t see litter as soon as they arrive at the business. The gas pumps should be in proper working order as well. If there are any issues with the gas pumps, you need to contact the proper companies to fix them and post a sign stating that they are out of order.