If you are investing in your business, you want to make sure that your investments are worth it. It is, after all, an outlay, but you are purchasing that investment with the belief that it will pay off in the end. But while there may be many different investments you can make, labelling machines have proven to be worthwhile. If one of your business goals is to reach out and appeal to your target market, the proper label is crucial – and this includes having a label that is of high quality, with excellent text and graphics, a good and clear logo, and easy-to-read product information. And you can only do this with the right labelling machine. But what do you need to know about labelling machines in order to make the right decision? Here’s your best guide to labelling machines – and how to choose the ideal one for your business. 


Their real benefits: why you should invest in one  


Your packaging and production line can benefit significantly from a labelling machine, and one of the best benefits is enhanced and improved efficiency in production. The labelling systems or equipment designed today are capable of printing complicated graphics as well as text at quicker speeds and with higher quality compared to older units. If you have a large-volume production line, you need a labelling machine that can work according to your line and expectations. 

With a labelling machine, you can also save money since you can make use of more cost-effective materials for printing out your labels, especially if you buy the proper machine from the right seller and manufacturer. Many labellers today can easily print on various materials, and this includes mylar, paper, and more, so you can choose the material that works best for your budget.  

Automating your labelling needs is one of the best things you can do to save on labour costs. Since the process is mostly automated, you don’t have to rely on workers to apply the labels for you; the labels will also be more accurately applied, and there is less room for mistakes, which can be quite common with labelling by hand. 


The different kinds   

There are different kinds of labelling systems and machines from which you can choose, as confirmed by labelling machine specialists such as www.labeller.co.uk, and this includes horizontal wrap machines, vertical wrap machines, front and back machines, top labelling machines, and customised labelling machines.  

The horizontal wrap machine can label rounded containers like vials that have rounded bottoms. The item is placed on a roller that moves horizontally, and they are then run through a wrapping station. The vertical wrap machine is ideal for bottles that are tapered or rectangular or square bottles, and you can use them for full or partial labels as well. This type of machine is also the most commonly purchased.  

The top labelling machine is suitable for many applications, which includes applications for both edible products and non-edibles such as electronics. The machine places a spot product label or panel label on the product’s top. The front and back labelling machine can place product labels on a single or both sides or even three sides of rectangular, flat, oval, or round bottles. The top and bottom labelling machine, on the other hand, is ideal for flattened containers or cases and cartons.  


Image attributed to Pixabay.com