Have you been wondering what Litecoin is and what it can do? Well, Litecoin is a cryptocurrency made on the model of Bitcoin. Litecoin makes global payments easy since it is not controlled by any central authority. Since its launch in 2011, it has gained popularity across the globe surpassing Bitcoin itself. It has done what Bitcoin was finding difficult to do. It has simply gone the extra mile and in return has gained high trade volume as time passes by. Although Bitcoin price is higher, Litecoin price is expected to rise. Well, listed below are some of the business that uses Litecoin payments.



eGifter offers the fastest way to buy cards online. It is based in New-York. You can now pay for these gifts through Litecoin. No doubt that Litecoin 2018 price is expected to increase but still you can count on it. Well, by accepting Litecoins, the business has since registered massive profits making Litecoins a convenient way to enhance payments.



Ellenet is a company based in Australia. It offers IT solutions to people living in Australia and overseas as well. The company has grown a lot since it was founded and is still showing signs of growing more. They have taken their company a step ahead by accepting Litecoins as a means of payment.



This is a mining company located in Sweden. It basically mines hardware. Litecoins can be used to purchase hardware in this mining farm. This has made things easy for people who
love using cryptocurrency. It’s such a great opportunity for a lot of people across the globe.


Sean’s Outpost

People today are finding ways to impact lives of others. They are looking for ways they can serve humanity and change lives! Sean’s Outpost is a homeless outreach centre that focuses on improving lives of local people in Satoshi communities. The best thing is they have made it possible for people to offer their donations by accepting Litecoins.


Benz and Beamer

This is a company based in California that buy and sell upmarket, high-end automobiles. They have made deals fast and efficient by accepting Litecoins payment.



Amazon is an online shopping that provides books of all kinds. Amazon has eased lives of many people today. People can now get books online and read them online without having to travel to bookshops. This is such a great human achievement in this technological era. Amazon is set to accept Litecoins for payments making it convenient for many people across the globe to access their quality services.

Litecoin is becoming so popular at a higher rate. Litecoin price now is approximately 120 USD. It has remained behind other cryptocurrencies in the market. However, it is expected that the Litecoin in 2018 will shoot and might surpass many cryptocurrencies above it. It has risen in value since last year. Its price has been growing steadily. It is fighting so hard in the market to move from the shadow of Bitcoin which has remained superior for a very long time now. Litecoin is slowly being recognised by people, and soon it will be offering a competitive edge in the market. Who knows? Probably at the top of cryptocurrencies!