Those attorneys who practice in litigation can attest that it’s not always the best lawyer that gets the job done. While having a good lawyer is critical to success in litigation, a good support staff is also critical. There are many people who eventually contribute to helping lawyers and their clients win when they have to square off at trial. Just having a solid lawyer will be a great help, but that lawyer will not be able to do his job unless he’s planned enough to have a support staff to help him through the process.

A litigation support specialist is the first thing that every lawyer needs. There are lots of things that need to be done in order to prepare for trial. In order to effectively win at trial, one has to have an understanding of the psychology of the jury, one has to have an understanding of the judge and one has to have the tools needed to convince the jury to side with the client. A specialist with litigation support skills is the sort of person who can make a losing case into a winning case.

There are other people who can help turn bad cases into good ones. For instance, expert witnesses are needed in those cases where things get so complex that it’s hard to explain to the jury what is taking place. When expert witnesses take the stand, they explain to the jury why the defendant or plaintiff should win the case. Lawyers often struggle to be compelling in front of juries because those juries have been trained to think about lawyers will always lie for their clients. This is where those experts come in handy. Experts are there to fill the gap in credibility while also making difficult topics much easier for the average jury member to understand.

Winning at trial is a team effort. In today’s legal world, when lawyers happen to win at trial, they often credit a large team of people for that win. This credit is needed ultimately because no lawyer wins the case alone, and no defendant or plaintiff would stand a chance without a lawyer who has a good group of people to help. This is the way litigation is going more and more, especially with the stakes being so high in cases today. Like in sports, it’s the best team that wins.