A successful podcast takes much effort, but, in the end, it is time well spent. Making your podcast exciting and engaging is crucial to engaging your listeners and ensuring they return week after week. Their positive verbal and written reviews will result in a large and loyal audience, which is every podcaster’s goal. 

These eight tips will help you to create and maintain an engaging, popular podcast. 


1. Be yourself

You want to create a podcast. Choose a subject that sparks your interest and enthusiasm. Your engagement with the topic will allow you to continually create new episodes that will keep the audience’s attention and, ultimately, grow your fan base. You may want to add Royalty Free Music for Podcasts to enhance the experience. 

Also, be your genuine self. Do not try to act a certain way because you think that is what the audience wants. This lack of authenticity will come through to your listeners fairly quickly and hinder your podcast’s success. 


2. Focus on your audience

When choosing the subject of your podcast, identify your target audience. You cannot please everyone, so pick a topic that is of interest to you and a large section of the population. If you choose something too narrow, you may attract loyal followers but probably not too many of them. 

Once you move forward with a topic, interact with your listeners, and ask them open-ended questions requiring more than a yes or no answer. Explain how their responses will contribute to future episodes and follow through, giving your listeners a sense of ownership in the podcast. Also, ask for honest feedback. If warranted, implement their suggestions, as this will also motivate them to keep coming back week after week. 


3. Tell many stories

Do not just recite facts in your podcasts, tell stories as well. People can identify with stories, put themselves in the storyteller’s position and react with strong emotions such as joy or sadness. Also, people tend to remember stories more than just facts and figures. 


4. Stay on topic

Once you gain experience as a podcaster and become more relaxed behind the microphone, you will find yourself more apt to ad-lib and stray from the subject at hand. A little fun is okay, but sticking to the topic is crucial. 

To help keep yourself focused, write a script or jot down notes even though you may not think you need them. When you find yourself wandering off with no particular goal in mind, get back to the script and self-correct. Although your listeners may enjoy some off-topic banter, they listen to your podcast for continuity. 


5. Share resources with your listeners

A typical podcast episode is 30 to 45 minutes. It is not possible to cover every detail of a subject in that short time. Refer your listeners to resources such as articles, websites, YouTube videos, or reference books. You can add the links to these resources on your podcast site to make for easier access. 


6. Include unique experts

Your niche will likely have subject matter experts who focus on making “appearances” on podcasts. Invite them to make an occasional appearance but do not forget the lesser-known, equally knowledgeable expert who has not made the circuit yet. Before including a non-podcast-circuit guest, please do your homework and ensure they are relevant and engaging. Once confirmed, your listeners will appreciate the fresh voice and unheard stories. 

When you have a guest on your podcast, listen carefully to what they say, and respond accordingly. Do not just have a list of questions that you read, disregarding the guest’s responses. Developing an exciting and meaningful dialogue with your guest will be pleasing to your audience. 


7. Make your audio perfect

Exceptional audio on a podcast is essential—good enough is not good enough. Inferior audio might be why someone never returns to your podcast, so make sure it is perfect. 


8. Add transcripts of your episodes

As we said earlier about resources, add the transcript of each episode to your podcast site. Reading the podcast content will be a big bonus to the deaf and hearing-impaired community and increases your site’s SEO value. 

Keep these tips in mind whether you are starting a new podcast or looking to add a little spark to an existing one.