Open, regular communication among board members is key to the success of any organization, but in an age of heightened concerns over cyber attacks and data leaks, finding ways to facilitate good communication practices without putting your company at risk can be difficult. Board members are often scattered around the country, and the most common and popular ways of staying up-to-date — SMS and private email — are far from secure. This is why many board managers are turning to technological fixes like board software to enable effective and efficient communication between their members.

Board management software is a tool specifically designed for boards that want to bring together the efficiency and functionality of an electronic board packagewith the security of couriered documents. As any board administrator knows, organizing documents and liaising with directors can be extremely time consuming, especially when you have to share the same information over and over again with board members across the country. Board software makes it possible for board administrators to distribute all reports, memos, and background data through an electronic portal; and it allows board members to read, manage files, and collaborate with each other remotely.

While board portals are not a new technology, recent years have seen major advancements that have streamlined functionality and revolutionized how board members do their work, and some of the biggest developments in board portal technology news involve technological changes that have made portals more intuitive and accessible. It is now possible to use portal software via mobile or desktop, online or offline, and for busy board members who are often on the road, this means instant access to the latest board documents isn’t just secure — it’s also easier than bringing hard copies. And the most sophisticated software providers, like Vancouver-based Aprio, even make it possible for directors who serve on multiple boards to manage all of their documents through a single account.

Clear, direct communication has always been an essential part of board meeting success, and this doesn’t happen by accident: creating an environment where board members can work more closely together, remotely, means harnessing the power of the latest developments in secure electronic communications to build a space in which collaboration and discussion can happen. Board portals provide one of the best solutions available to the problems facing the modern board of directors, and the services companies like Aprio provide are not simply logistical — they can also lead to more cooperation, creativity, and inspiration.

Keeping a business or organization healthy has always meant keeping abreast with the latest technological changes, and incorporating new tools as they become available. This is especially important at the highest levels, where board members need to be able to confidently share and discuss confidential information as they prepare for quarterly and annual meetings. Portal software has proven itself to be one of the easiest and safest ways to share board documents and facilitate board discussions, and is rapidly becoming the industry standard for secure, efficient board communication tools.