Today’s market requires specialists with solutions to any issues. Leading business online is easy when you are familiar with certain life hacks. Using an online SIM provider, you do not even need a smartphone!

E-mails have taken their niche in business long time ago for:

  • promotions;
  • log-ins;
  • policy updates;
  • password resets;
  • interaction with clients etc.

However, not everybody sets notifications for e-mails. Almost nobody turns off the SMS sound, though. To reach a seamless experience for your clients, it is always better to use many communication channels. Virtual SIMs is a great solution to those who need to interact with clients. Virtual directory accommodations work similarly to physical SIMs, but they are located online. All the numbers are available in your private cabinet.


Online SMS Services

Obviously a wise user will send messages at the right time. Moreover, it is very important to create the message properly. There are certain kinds of messages that have been formed for business usage.

  • Alerts. This type of messages is connected with the security of your clients. You can inform them about any suspicious actions, public protection announcements etc.
  • Marketing. In other words it is called ‘text marketing’. It has been proved that 90% of such notifications are read within 3 seconds. Messages create a sense of urgency and motivate clients for action. OnlineSIM has directories from more than 30 countries.
  • Reminders. A short SMS-reminder will help your clients to manage their schedule and do not forget about important things planned in their calendar. As for you, it will help you not to lose your revenue because someone has forgotten about you. More than 10000 numbs are available at OnlineSIM.
  • Confirmations. Having placed an order online, a client desires to get a confirmation. Especially if the client is a new-comer. Besides, people often forget their e-mails or passwords to them. Here is when SMS are a much more effective weapon.
  • Authentication. The necessity of multiple account creation will be turned into an easy and comfortable experience together with virtual number providers. Virtual SIM online will allow you to receive as many verification codes as needed. OnlineSIM offers short-term and long-term rent directories.

Using virtual messages for these needs is a smart way to gain more.


To cut the long story short, virtual SMS will replace most functions of emails in business. Their efficiency is obvious. You will be able to reach your clients and potential customers faster.