Whether you work with leather footwear, produce furniture or own a clothing manufactory, you most probably have to cooperate with leather distributors at some point to get your wet blue leather. Wet blue is the most popular material used to produce various products like shoes, upholstery or garments. Due to its popularity, you won’t have any troubles with finding a distributor, but you most likely wish to work with the best and most reliable companies, so here are a few questions you should ask them to make sure you’re dealing with professionals.


1. Where do the hides come from?

There are countries “specialized” in breeding animals for their skin, and it’s quite natural since the smartest way to grow your economy is to benefit from the resources you have. Therefore, you should take a closer look where the wet blue leather you’re thinking of acquiring comes from and whether it’s a country well known for its quality hides.


2. How they treat the animals they take the skins off from?

Animals’ living conditions are important, especially when they are breed for the skin. When you learn where the hides come from, ask what are they feed with and how are they transported to the abattoir. Expand your knowledge about practices of different companies and decide wisely with whom to cooperate.


3. How is the wet blue leather transported?

We often forget about a transportation, but the wet blue leather often rides in a truck many miles before it reaches its destination, so it’s worth to learn what are the travel conditions of your materials. Temperature and safety are especially important.


4. What is the origin and quality of the tanning agents the distributor use?

The distributors also use and/or distribute tanning agents as well, so find out about their quality. The hi-tech agents are environmentally friendly and work equally well for the wet blue leather production.


5. How are measurements taken?

When you order wet blue leather you always dictate its thickness, amount and other variables. Ask the distributor how they make sure you get exactly the material you ordered and how is responsible for the quality control.