Setting up a peer-to-peer texting campaign is pretty simple, but the results may not always meet your expectations. That’s because not every texting platform is the same. The features that are embedded in the texting platform make a huge difference.  

Here, we look at the essential features that a P2P texting platform needs to have for effective results. 


Guaranteed Delivery  

The message you send is too important to take a chance, and it must land on the recipient device the way you want. If the message is lost during the communication chain, the connectivity with the user and the purpose is lost.  Leading platforms use artificial intelligence and state of the art delivery features that maximize your reach and effectiveness.   


Ability to Send Customized and Targeted Messages at Scale

The P2P text messaging platform should allow the uploading of the contact list and will enable the volunteer to build a custom script or message, review it and send one-to-many or one-to-one depending on your campaign needs. The platform should also have the capability to handle carrier requirements and ensure your messages arrive on time.  

The messaging platform should also support filters that allow filter and analyze messages as they come in. Such a feature will let you focus on essential notes that need immediate attention and prove useful in building two-way conversations. Leading P2P messaging platforms have a built-in sentiment feature that helps in the development of authentic bilateral discussions. 


AI-Enabled or Intelligent Response Platform

When you are sending thousands of messages and need to record and manage their response, you need an intelligent response platform for maximum effectiveness.  Leading peer-to-peer messaging platforms have an in-built system where messages are automatically scored for sentiments and inspected for phrases or keywords.   

The intelligent response system filters incoming messages and arranges them in chat like interface where the volunteer can view the entire conversation with the contact across all campaigns and keep the conversation personal and relevant.  

The intelligent response features should also allow the creation and insertion of frequently used response templates and add them to text conversation with a click. The platform should also feature automatic personalization of responses by drawing information from individual contacts from the database. 


Support for Rich Media

Messaging has evolved, and the inclusion of rich media makes messaging more relevant and useful. The P2P Texting platform should support rich media that allows the volunteer to add media-rich texts and also add attachments to the messages.  Use of PDF, videos, images, and more get your audience to respond, which increases the effectiveness of peer-to-peer texting.  


Segmenting of Contacts

The effectiveness of your campaign will increase if you target the right people.  The first step in creating targeted campaigns is segmenting your contact list in categories. The peer-to-peer text messaging platform should support tags that allow you to categorize contacts based on supporter levels, demographics, interest, political affiliations, donations, and much more. The platform should also allow updating of tags based on response.  

The features that have been discussed above would play an essential role in increasing the effectiveness of the campaigns and help receive better response rates and engagement from your user base.