Whether you are just starting a new business or are looking for options to increase productivity and efficiency in your current office, what type of phone service can be a big decision. Here are three popular phone plan options that could potentially benefit your business.


Business Cell Plans

Virtually all of the major carriers, and probably some you haven’t heard of, have business cell phone plans. You can customize your package by choosing how many phones to add, data and messaging limits, and a call plan that fits the needs of your business. One of the great features you have with corporate cell phones is the portability and accessibility it provides to staff. Unfortunately, it also usually means everyone physically carrying two phones (personal and work), and can also lead to being overly accessible.


Virtual Phone Systems

An excellent solution is the use of a virtual phone system. These numbers link to existing phone lines, so your business calls will ring on your personal cell with a unique identifier so you know to answer in a professional manner. Packages will often have a wide array of features like call forwarding, voicemail, and the ability to ring on multiple lines at once. Some even offer remote assistants who can answer calls to your business phone number when you are not available. Most work on either internet or cell service, so you will be limited to areas where those services are strong enough to maintain call quality.


VoIP Systems

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, so it should come as no surprise that these are internet-based phone systems. They have several features that can benefit a business, regardless of its size. THse include call forwarding, voicemail, conferencing, and call recording. Some also allow you to assign several numbers to the same system so you can personalize your phone number for individual markets. They are dependent on high quality internet, so don’t even consider a VoIP plan if you don’t have a business class connection.


Traditional Land Lines

If you are a traditional business with office hours where you are near a phone, then you may want to opt for a traditional landline phone system. You won’t have to worry about internet quality or outages with this type of plan. However, most also won’t offer you the flexibility that the other phone systems do.

Depending on the unique needs of your business, you have several options for phone systems. Decide on what features will help you grow and look for plans that offer those. Keep in mind that your needs may change over time, so make plans to revisit your choice periodically to ensure your business has the best service.