It’s hard to ignore the impact that digital marketing has had, both on how consumers interact with content and how businesses are forced to conduct themselves in creating it, and yet somehow print marketing has managed to hold its own against strong opposition.

Despite predictions that, with most forms of physical media, print would become a relic of a different era, physical advertising and marketing have maintained their validity as an effective means of reaching a wide audience.




While the internet has certainly given the public a more varied set of options to choose from for any possible topic or purchase, the enormous amount of choice now readily available has created its own problem.



With the barrier of entry being very low for online business, and little means of quality control to sift out some of the less favourable competition, it becomes an increasingly daunting task for potential clients to make a fully informed decision on where best to put their money.

Print marketing does away with this issue, allowing personalised branding that does away with direct competition and catches the eye, as it allows a single business or campaign to be front and center for all to see.



Though it’s common for publications and pedestrians alike to shy away from this justification of physical media, many people simply feel more comfortable with the medium they are accustomed to.

Although for many of us born in the 1990’s or later, it can be difficult to imagine how recent the internet boom was, there are entire generations that still look to news stands over laptops as the best source for what’s new.


The Power of Undivided Attention


How do we choose between reading fascinating articles, playing a game of online Scrabble, checking in on social media or all the other thousands of things that one can do at any given moment online?

Humans only have a limited capacity for attention, which is something that the world wide web simply cannot account for. Print media is an easier platform to keep prospective clients focused and open to marketing that may have otherwise been skipped over on other platforms.


“Thud” Value

People love to have something physical and weighty to engage with, a fact that can be seen through the resurgence of vinyl records, the continued use of CDs and, of course, the continued success of print media.

Convenience has begun taking a back seat to the satisfaction of tangible objects, a trend that means great things for print marketing. In addition, companies like Classic Colour have allowed for greater quality and variation in how print can be used to bring in an audience that is always looking for something new to interact with.


Integrated Marketing

The main success of print marketing has been its ability to integrate with other forms of advertising and branding, not working in opposition to digital marketing, but playing to the strengths of each format and allowing for the largest amount of exposure.