In this ever-evolving digital age, our information is entered, transmitted, and stored on various servers throughout the world. Personal information, like social security numbers, addresses, and other identifying information, are exposed to cyber threats. 

For businesses, trade secrets, customer information, and business partner information are only to name a few of the types of information that are also at risk from cyber-attacks. That is why it is even more critical in this technically advanced age of digital information to protect ourselves from unrelenting cyber crimes. 

Here are the top 3 reasons you need to protect your computer from online threats.


Personal Information

As mentioned, personal information can be your social security number, your address, driver’s license information, and banking information. People with bad intentions consider this a wealth of data, literally. With this information, hackers can steal your identity, allowing them access to your money while also allowing them to create accounts under your name. 

The implications of the consequences that can occur from cybercrimes such as these are more than just an inconvenient matter to fix. So safeguarding your personal information is essential, to say the least. This is why personally identifiable information (also known as PII) is one of the top reasons why you should protect your computer.


Sensitive Business Information

Business owners are also at risk from cyber attacks, and in this modern world, businesses are tasked with securing client information while also safeguarding trade secrets. For instance, your company has created an innovative way of manufacturing your products. You’ve streamlined the process, producing products using the most effective and efficient way. 

A hacker can steal this information from your computer and sell it to other competitors, which ultimately leads to a loss of revenue. In this highly competitive market, protecting business-related information is another reason why you should protect your computer.



Next on our list of the top 3 reasons why you should protect your computer from online threats is reputation. Whether you are a customer or a business, your reputation is at stake if a cybercrime is committed against you. 

For example, let’s say you were downloading a file on the internet one day. Looking at the file name, it says that it’s coming from a trusted company or brand, so you proceed with the download. Forgetting to check the website (the source where you are downloading the file from), you could actually be downloading a file from a website not associated with the company that could turn out to be a virus. Because of this, the virus is now on your computer, stealing your information. 

A week has passed, and you begin receiving phone calls. One caller states that you’ve guaranteed them an item but never received it. Another caller says that you’ve overcharged them for an item they never received. You are wondering why you are receiving these calls because you don’t know what the callers are talking about. 

Later, you’ve realized that your identity has been stolen, and someone is using it, giving you a bad reputation. Not to mention someone is using your information to commit cybercrimes, which may lead to more than just getting a bad reputation. Some examples may include:

  • Destroying your credit score
  • Taking out loans in your name
  • Opening bank and credit accounts in your name
  • Requesting new Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) for your bank and credit cards
  • Obtaining cash advances
  • Stealing your money
  • Abusing your social security number
  • Hijacking your usernames and passwords
  • Selling your information to others who can potentially do the same thing over and over again.



So we’ve discussed the top 3 reasons why you should protect your computer from online threats. There are also a few ways you can protect yourself and your business from cyber threats. Use a threat hunting software to search for and eliminate these threats on your computer. 

Using superior threat hunting software will ensure that both your personal and business information remains safe and secure. Supplement computer protection by also using a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your network. Also, consider strong and complicated passwords to secure your information.


Now that we’ve established the reasons why you need to protect your computer as well as ways you can do so, don’t wait or hesitate. Protect your computer today.